Minutes of the MLA International Bibliography
in Academic Libraries Discussion Group
ALA Annual Meeting, Atlanta, GA
Saturday, June 15, 2002

  1. Welcome and Introduction

    Susanna Van Sant, Chair

  2. List Serve and Web Page Information

    Gail Hueting, List Moderator
    Susanna Van Sant, Web Editor

  3. Nomination and Election of New Chair

    Nominee: Robert Means, Brigham Young University

  4. Update from MLA Headquarters

    Barbara Chen
    Director of Bibliographic Information Services and Editor, MLA International Bibliography

  5. Interface and content updates

    Tam Dalrymple
    Market Analysis and Communications
    OCLC Reference & Resource Sharing
    Bonnie Alpert
    Senior Product Manager
    Ovid Technologies
    Peg Bessette-Schusterbauer
    Literature & History Product Manager
    Gale Group

  6. Discussion

  7. Planning for Midwinter, 2003

  8. Adjournment

Minutes by Robert Means, Brigham Young University

List of attendees:
Robert Means, BYU
Laura Braunstein, MLA
Barbara Chen, MLA
Yvonne Schofer, UW-Madison
Sara Berghausen, Duke
Lindsey Schell, University of Texas at Austin
Dan Coffey, Iowa State University
Amanda Roberts, Nova Southeastern U
Sheril Hook, University of Arizona
Laura Farwell Blake, Harvard University (Widener Library)
Mary Beth Clack, Harvard University (Widener Library)
Camille Cooper, Clemson University
Regina M. Vorlack, MLA
Kathleen Kluegel, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Bill Gargan, Brooklyn College CUNY
Rob Melton, University of California, San Diego
Nancy Mielke, Tennessee Technological University
Michael Rodriquez, Michigan State University
Jim Harner, Texas A&M University
Sue Hunter, Arizona State University
Gail Hueting, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Susanna Van Sant, University of Maryland
Tam Dalrymple, OCLC
Bonnie Alpert, Ovid Technologies
Peg Bessette-Schusterbauer, Gale Group
Todd Gilman, Yale
Madeline Copp, Johns Hopkins
Anne K. Barker, University of Missouri-Columbia