ACRL - MLA Int’l Bibliography in Academic Libraries
Discussion Group Minutes
ALA Annual Conference, June 28, 2008
Clarion Hotel: Orangewood 1 Room
Anaheim, CA

Turnout at the 2008 Annual MLAIB DG was good at roughly 35 attendees. A change of venue may have adversely affected attendance. Participants were Barbara Chen, Editor of the MLAIB; Duncan Campbell, ProQuest; Janet Weber, OCLC-FirstSearch; Jim Draper, Gale; Craig Brandt, EBSCOhost; Aline Soules, CalState-East Bay; and Liorah Golomb, Convener.

The presentations given by the four vendor representatives are linked to their names.


Agenda Item 1: 2008-2009 Group Convener

Liorah Golomb introduced Gregory Heald, who succeeds her as Group Convener. Gregory is Head of Instruction Services at University of Northern Colorado.


Agenda Item 2: What's New at the MLA International Bibliography:
Barbara Chen, Director of Bibliographic Services & Editor, MLAIB


Agenda Item 3: Updates from MLAIB Vendors


Agenda Item 4: MLAIB DG Member Activities

Aline Soules and Liorah Golomb presented a brief slide show in which they revealed results of some searches done on five MLAIB Online platforms. They explained that it was not always possible to compare searches accurately because of inconsistent names of search fields and search rules (e.g., whether a keyword phrase search required quotation marks or not). Nonetheless, they explained that were trying to search as a general user without an MLS would. There was much interest in this research. Liorah and Aline will present at MLA in December.


Attendees expressed a desire for vendors to provide instruction tools such as PDF User Guides. While some vendors already do this, many do not, and it adds to librarians’ workload to have to create guides and keep them updated.


Minutes prepared by Liorah Golomb, 2007-2008 Convener of the ACRL-MLAIB Online in Academic Libraries DG, July 9, 2008.