MLA IB In Academic Libraries Discussion Group Minutes
Annual Conference, June 23, 2012
Anaheim, CA

Bibliography News: Barbara Chen

  1. Additions and enhancements:
  1. 2012 Enhancements (coming in October)
  1. Starting a new MLA internship program: the first intern begins right after ALA Annual
  2. MLA is up and running with Summon (Summon updates later in meeting)
  3. MLA News: MLA journals now supporting Open Access

Questions for Barbara

Folks should send issues and examples related to journals, links, etc. to Barbara – she gets things done!

Vendor Updates
Ebsco, Craig Brandt:
  1. Reported issues of subject headings not displaying has been fixed!
  2. Changes to facets:
  1. Mobile:

Gale, Mary Onorato
In the process of unifying LRC and MLA home pages
New features/updates:
Currently working with user for input
Beta released around mid-summer
Feedback encouraged - contact
Platform-wide update will address issues of linking out w/ SFX

Proquest, Sarah Brechner -- filling in for John Pegum
  1. MLAIB on new platform: March 2012
  2. June 2012 update:
  3. Still to do:
  4. New features:
  5. Migration tips at
  6. Will add Cambridge Companions to Literature Online, will be mapped to MLAIB
  7. Contact John with questions/comments:
    John Pegum, Product Manager, Literature,

Summon, John Law
  1. The role of MLA & discovery:
  2. Will optimize use of MLA via discovery in Summon


Note taker: D. Childress