MLA Discussion Group -- Minutes
Midwinter Meeting, January 21, 2006
San Antonio, Texas


Discussion Leader: John Novak (UC Irvine)

Attendees : Diana King (UC Davis); Abby Yochelson (Library of Congress); Kathleen Kluegel (U. of Illinois); Mary E. Bogan (Emporia State U.); Joan Petit (U. of North Carolina); Judy Olsen (Villanova U.); Sarah Brechner (ProQuest); Milee Diaz (ProQuest); Heather Washington (ProQuest); Faye Christenberry (U. of Washington); Juliet Kerico (Indiana State U.); Miriam Laslai (Hosotos CC, CUNY); Douglas Black (Nova Southeastern U.); Dawn Lawson (New York U.); Priscilla Finley (UNLV); Richard Bleiler (U. of CT); Linda Behrend (U. of Tennessee); Meg Meiman (American U.); Michael Macan (U.S. Naval Academy); Dan Coffey (Iowa State U.); Marcia Anderson (Arizona State U.); Jill Newby (U. of Arizona); Reid Larson (Hamilton College); Ping Situ (U. of Arizona); Saudi Edwards (Rice U.); Jim Harner (Texas A&M U.); Madeline Copp (Johns Hopkins U.); Angela Courtney (Indiana U. Bloomington); Bryan Rivers (EBSCO Publishing); Bethany Close (EBSCO Publishing); Sophie Lesinglue (USC); C. Alan Golden (CSA); Patrick Julius (CSA); Nicola Gues (CSA); Jennifer Howell (CSA); Aimee Leverette (CSA); Lanna Fuderer (Norte Dame); Terese Heidenwolf (Lafayette College); Paul Hover (Virginia Tech); Peg Bassette (Gale); Jim Draper (Thomson Gale); Mary Onorato (Thomson Gale); Sharon Elteto (Portland State, Oregon); Michael Rodriguez (Michigan State U.); Kristine Anderson (Purdue); Millie Jackson (Grand Valley State U.); Mary Sauer-Games (ProQuest); Shelby Anfinson-Comeau (Louisiana State U. at Eunice); John Tofanelli (Columbia U.); Michaelyn Burnette (U. of California, Berkeley); Jen Stevens (George Mason U.); Barbara Chen (MLA)

Barbara Chen's Presentation

Vendor Presentations

Those vendors who provided ALA Midwinter PowerPoint presentations can be found below (eventually, they will be moved to the MLAIB in Acad. Lib Web site):

Other Presenters: Tam Dalyrymple (OCLC)

Tam indicated that the MLA constitutes 3.2% of all click throughs occurring in FirstSearch. In reponse to the needs of MLA users, OCLC is developing an MLA Plus feature in Firstsearch. This interface enhancement will allow a user to search up to 3 databases simultaneously. Firstsearch also includes links to OCLC interlibrary loan. When Ms. Dalrymple asked the audience to indicate what enhancements they were hoping to see, it was suggested that OCLC work to better specify usage statistics to include the time of day. In addition, items that made it on the Federated Searching Wishlist were an organized counting of hits, and hits organized by item type with the records from a library's OPAC as the first on the results list.