Engaging Southeast Asian American Pluralism in Seattle

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I, the undersigned, hereby convey and donate to the Engaging Southeast Asian American Pluralism in Seattle oral history project at the University of Washington this recorded interview and/or videotape, and the transcript thereof subject to any special conditions stated below.


Researchers in the Simpson Center for the Humanities and the University of Washington Libraries may freely use these materials.  Individuals and other institutions may obtain a copy. 


Subject, also, to any special conditions stated below, my interview may be used for research, instruction, exhibition, publication, broadcast, publication to the Internet and similar purposes.  In order to encourage full use of my interview, I dedicate all of my rights in this information to the public.





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I, __________________________________, interviewer, hereby relinquish all rights to the tape/s and transcript described above.


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The University of Washington gratefully acknowledges receipt of this gift and agrees to abide by the above conditions.



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