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Jackson School, Center for Southeast Asian Studies

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Indonesian, Tagalog, Vietnamese and Thai

Core Faculty in the Southeast Asia Program

Charles Keyes: Anthropology, Thailand and Viet Nam

Research focus on Buddhism and religion. Also teaches classes using SEA literature. Has several graduate students from Viet Nam

Laurie Sears: History, Indonesia

Teaches some large undergrad classes on general SEA History, upper level classes on Indonesia, and upper level and graduate seminars on critical theory. Has several graduate students working on Viet Nam and Indonesia

Christoph Giebel, History, Viet Nam

Teaches some large class on general SEA History and Viet Nam Wars. Is interested in memory and memorialization. Has several graduate students. Also adjunct in Human Right Program.

Vince Rafael: History, Phlippines

Teaches upper level classes in Phlippine history, interests include film theory and popular culture. Teaching on comparative colonialisms.

Celia Low: Anthropology, Indonesia

Teaches large intro classes, has several graduate students working on the Philippines and Indonesia. Interested in the anthropology of reason. Works in Eastern islands of Indonesia.

Mary Callahan: JSIS, Political Science, Burma and Indonesia

Teaches large intro classes on SEA. Also adjunct in Human Rights Program. Interested in museums and commemoration of victims of violence.

Marjorie Muecke: Anthropology, Thailand.

Teaches in the Nursing program, has many graduate students from Thailand. Teacher intro course to SEA, often using film.

Patrick Christie: School of Marine Affairs, Philippines

Has many Masters students. Interested in ecotourism and effects of environmental programs on marine fisheries.

Rick Bonus: Ethnic American Studies, Philippines

Teaches large undergraduate classes exploring history of Filipino American community and tracing relations with the Phlippines from the U.S. colonial period.

Charles Hirschman: Sociology, Malaysia and Viet Nam

Teaches few undergraduate classes but has several graduate students, many from Viet Nam.

Peter Lape, Anthropology, Burke Museum, East Timor

Archeology, Museology

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