Contemporary Vietnamese Fiction in Translation

Back to his home village. Hanoi : Foreign Languages Pub. House, 1981. Short stories. Includes: The postman by Luu Quang Vu; Ut Mien by Vu Thi Thuong.

Balaban, John and Nguyen Qui Duc, eds. Vietnam : a traveler's literary companion. San Francisco : Whereabouts Press, 1996.

Bao Ninh. The sorrow of war : a novel. English version by Frank Palmos ; based on the translation from the Vietnamese by Vo Bang Thanh and Phan Thanh Hao, with Katerina Pierce. London : Secker & Warburg, 1993.

Đức Lan. "The woman with the covered face", Việt Nam News, Dec. 13, 1998. Translated by Phan Thanh Hao with Malcolm Snelgrove.

Duong Thu Huong  Beyond illusions   Translated from the Vietnamese Bên kia bo ao vong, by Nina McPherson and Phan Huy Duong.  New York : Hyperion East, c2002.

Duong, Thu Huong.  Memories of a Pure Spring.  Translated from Vietnamese by Nina McPherson and Phan Huy Duong.  New York : Hyperion East, 2000.

Duong Thu Huong.  No man's land : a novel.  Translated from Chon vang. New York : Hyperion East, c2005.

Duong Thu Huong. Novel Without a Name. Translated from the Vietnamese by Phan Huy Duong and Nina McPherson. New York, NY : W. Morrow, 1995.

Duong Thu Huong.   Paradise of the blind.  Translated from the Vietnamese Nhung thiên duong mù, by Phan Huy Duong and Nina McPherson.  New York : Morrow, c1993.

En traversant le fleuve : recits. Traduits du vietnamien par Phan Huy Duong. Arles : P. Picquier, 1996. Contents: Il etait une fois by Nguyen Quang Lap ; Une vieille histoire by Tran Thuy Mai ; Tony D., le G. I. by Le Minh Khue ;  Pluie  by Phan Thi Vang Anh ;  La Danse de l'enfer by Vo Thi Hao ;  Quelle chance! by Mai Nguyen ; Un matin entre les tombes by Do Kh ;  A l'oree de la plaine by Khanh Truong ;  Derriere la bananeraie by Ngoc Khoi ;  En traversant le fleuve by Cung Tich Bien.

Ho Anh Thai. Behind the red mist : fiction. By Ho Anh Thai ; edited by Wayne Karlin ; chief translator, Nguyen Qui Duc ; with translations by Regina Abrami ... [et al.].Willimantic, CT : Curbstone Press, 1998.

Hô Anh Thái.  The women on the island : a novel  Translated by from Nguoi dàn bà trên dao by Phan Thanh Hao, Celeste Bacchi, and Wayne Karlin ; introduction by Wayne Karlin.  Seattle ; London : University of Washington Press, c2000.

Ho Anh Thai. "The Indian; Leaving the valley."  Tr. by Ho Anh Thai and Wayne Karlin, Vietnam Forum no.15 (1996) 49-72.  Tr. of  Nguoi An, Di khoi thung lung moi.

Le Luu. A time far past. Translated from the Vietnamese by Ngo Vinh Hai ... [et al.]. Amherst : University of Massachusetts Press, c1997.

Le Minh Khue. The stars, the earth, the river : short fiction by Le Minh Khue. Translated by Bac Hoai Tran and Dana Sachs ; edited by Wayne Karlin.Willimantic, CT : Curbstone Press, 1997.

Le Tat Dieu.   Inkdrops. Nhung giot muc, translated from the Vietnamese by James Banerian. [S.l. : J. Banerian], 1991.

Le Tat Dieu. "Ocean light," Vietnam Forum no.9 (Win-Spr 1987) 138-148

Linh Dinh, ed. Night again : contemporary fiction from Vietnam. New York : 7 Stories Press, 1996.

Love after war : contemporary fiction from Viet Nam.  Edited by Wayne Karlin and Ho Anh Thai ; translated by Bac Hoai Tran ... [et al.]  Willimantic, CT : Curbstone Press, 2003.  Recommended collection of short stories.

Ma Văn Kháng. Against the flood. Ng­îc dßng n­íc ḷ. Translated and adapted by Phan Thanh Hao and Wayne Karlin ; with an afterword by Wayne Karlin. Willimantic, CT : Curbstone Press, 2000.

Mai Son. "The black felt hat," Nhân Dân, Jan 12, 2000. Translated by Mạnh Chương. 

My Ly. "Waiting out a storm," Việt Nam News, April 12, 1999. Translated by Mạnh Chương.

Ngô, Thê Vinh.  The green belt : a novel  Translated from the Vietnamese Ṿng dai xanh, by Nha Trang & William L. Pensinger. Raleigh, N.C. : Ivy House Pub. Group, c2004.

Nguyên, Huy Thiêp.  Crossing the river : short fiction.  Edited by Nguyen Nguyet Cam & Dana Sachs ; translated by Bac Hoai Tran ... [et al.].  Willimantic, CT : Curbstone Press, c2003.

Nguyen Huy Thiep. The general retires and other stories. Translated from Vietnamese with an introduction by Greg Lockhart. Singapore ; New York : Oxford University Press, 1992.  Recommended collection.

Nguyen Huy Thiep; Zinoman, Peter, tr. "A sharp sword; Fired gold; Chastity," Vietnam Forum 14 (1994) 17-35.   Fired gold is an important story.

Nguyen Huy Thiep. "The winds of Hua Tat (Ten stories in a small mountain village). Tr. by Peter Saidel," Vietnam Forum no.15 (1996) 11-46.

Nguyên Khai.  Past continuous.  Translated and adapted from Thoi gian cua nguoi by Phan Thanh Hao and Wayne Karlin ; with an afterword by Wayne Karlin.  Willimantic, CT : Curbstone Press, 2001. 

Nguyễ­n Thị Minh Ngọc. "Beyond the Truth," Việt Nam News, December 20, 1998. Translated by Phan Thanh Hao with Regina Abrami.

Nguy­ễn Thị Thu Huệ.  "For a rainy day," Việt Nam News, Oct. 18, 1998. Translated by Mạnh Chương.

Nguy­ễn Thị Thu Huệ.  "Insanity," Việt Nam News, June 22, 1997: 6-7; June 29, 1997: 6. Translated by Hoàng Túy.

Nhă Ca.  At night I hear the cannons.   Translated from the Vietnamese Đêm nghe tiêng dai bác, by James Banerian.   [S.l. : J. Banerian], c1993.

North Viet Nam now: fiction and essays from Ha Noi. Edited by Dan Duffy. New Haven: Yale University Council on Southeast Asia Studies. Vietnam Forum, 15.  Contents: Nguoi An, Di khoi thung luing moi den nha by Ho Anh Thai; Nhung ngoi sao xa xoi, Con mua cuoi mua by Le Minh Khue; Co La, Cai vi, Chiec coc sat,  Trong tam chan mau hong by Phan Thanh Hoai.

The other side of heaven : postwar fiction by Vietnamese and American writers. Edited by Wayne Karlin, Le Minh Khue, and Truong Vu. Willimantic, CT : Curbstone Press, 1995.

Pham Thi Hoai. Menu de dimanche : nouvelles. Traduites de l'allemand par Colette Kowalski. Arles (France) : Actes sud, c1997.

Pham Thi Hoài.  The crystal messenger   Translated from the Vietnamese Thiên su, by Ton-That Quynh-Du.   Dunedin, New Zealand : University of Otago Press, 1997.

Phan Thi Vang Anh. Quand on est jeune. Recits traduits du vietnamien par Kim Lefevre. Arles : Editions Philippe Picquier, c1996.

"Special Feature: New Writing from Vietnam," Manoa: a Pacific Journal of International Writing, v. 7 no. 2 (Winter 1995).

Phan Thị Vàng Anh. "Thương." Việt Nam News, Aug 24, 1997: 6-7. Translated by Hoàng Túy.

Tô Hoài.   Diary of a cricket   Translated from the Vietnamese Dê mèn phiêu luu kư, by Dang The Binh.  Hanoi : Foreign Languages Pub. House, 1991.

Trân Vu.  The dragon hunt : five stories.  Translated from the Vietnamese by Nina McPherson and Phan Huy Duong. New York : Hyperion, [1999].

Trang Thế Hy. "Crying and Singing," Việt Nam News, August 30, 1998. Translated by Hoàng Túy, August 1990.

Vơ Thị Hảo. "The survivor of the Laughing Forest," Việt Nam News, November. 15, 1998. Translated by Mạnh Chương.

Vơ Thị Xuân Hà. "Sparrows flying across the woods," Việt Nam News, September 27, 1998. Translated by Quí-Phiệt Trần.

Vu Bao. Le heros qui pissait dans son froc : et autres nouvelles. Traduites du vietnamien par les professeurs de francais de l'universite de Hanoi avec la complicite de Janine Gillon. La Tour d'Aigues : Editions de l'Aube, 1996.

War and exile : a Vietnamese anthology. Nguyen Ngoc Bich, editor. Springfield, Va. : Vietnamese Pen Abroad, East Coast U.S.A., 1989.

Y Ban "A woman born of darkness," Việt Nam News, October 4, 1998. Translated by Phan Thanh Hao and Ben Hodgdo.


Modern Fiction in Translation

 La fleur sauvage. Publication: Sud Viet Nam, Editions Giai Phong, 1969.

Huu Mai.  The last stronghold.  Translation of Cao diêm cuôi cùng  Hanoi, Foreign Languages Pub. House, 1963.

Kim Lan, 1921-. His village : three Vietnamese short stories. Hanoi : Foreign Languages Pub. House, 1957. Contents: His village by Kim Lan; The jar by Tran Kim Trac; Left untold by Nguyen Ngoc Tan.

The light of the capital : three modern Vietnamese classics  Translated from the Vietnamese by Greg Lockhart and Monique Lockhart. Kuala Lumpur ; New York : Oxford University Press, 1995.  Includes Tam Lang,  Tôi kéo xe; Vu, Trong Phung,  Com thây com cô. Nguyên Hông. Nhung ngày tho âu.

Nam-Cao Chi Pheo and other stories. Hanoi : Foreign Languages Pub. House, 1961.  English language biography of Nam Cao, who won the Ho Chi Minh prize:

Nam Cao, 1914-1951. Chi pheo, paria casse-cou : et autres nouvelles. Traduit du vietnamien par Le Van Lap et Georges Boudarel. La Tour d'Aigues, France : Editions de l'Aube, c1997. Contents: Chi Pheo, paria casse-cou, Le vieux Hac, Une vie gachee, L'achat d'une maison, Clair de lune,  Dans la jungle (journal de route), Les yeux, Attente, A quatre kilometres d'un poste ennemi.

Ngo Vinh Long. Before the revolution: the Vietnamese peasants under the French Cambridge, Mass., MIT Press, 1973. Translations (p. [143]-276): Phi Van. The peasants (Dan que), chapters 2 and 4.--Ngo Tat To. When the light's put out (Tat den), chapters 12 and 13: Nguyen Cong Hoan. Dead end (Buoc duong cung), chapters 4, 18, and 19: Hoang Dao. Mud and stagnant water (Bun lay nuoc dong), chapters 2, 3, and 4 of pt. II: Tran Van Mai. Who committed this crime? (Ai gay nen toi?), chapters 1-10 and 12-19.

Nguyen Cong Hoan, 1903-. Canton Chief Ba loses his slippers; selected short stories. Hanoi, Foreign Languages Pub. House, 1960.

Nguyen Cong Hoan, 1903-.Impasse. Hanoi, Foreign Languages Pub. House, 1963. Notes: Translation of: Buoc duong cung.

Nguyên, Trung Thành.  Dat Quang : South Vietnamese novel.   Translation by Han Giang ; revision by Elizabeth Hodzkin ; ill. by Ho Nam]  Giai Phong Pub. House, 1974-

Thach Lam. "Two stories by author Thach Lam." Translated by Joe Hannah, Vietnam Forum 14 (1994) 130-134.

Vơ, Phiên.  Intact.  Translated from the Vietnamese by James Banerian  Victoria, Australia : Vietnamese Language & Culture Publications, 1990.

Vũ Trọng Phụng. Dumb luck : a novel.   Peter Zinoman, editor ; translated from Số Đỏ. by Nguyễn Nguyết Câm and Peter Zinoman.with an introduction by Peter Zinoman. University of Michigan Press, c2002.

Xuan Thieu The White buffalo. Short stories Publication: Hanoi, Foreign Languages Pub. House, 1962.


Poetry in Translation

An anthology of Vietnamese poems : from the eleventh through the
twentieth centuries.
   Edited and translated by Huynh Sanh Thong. New Haven, CT : Yale University Press, 1996.

Anh Đức.  Hồn Đất; novel. Translated by Robert C. Friend.  Hanoi, Foreign Languages Pub. House, 1969.

Cao Tân  Poems  Translated by James Banerian  [United States : J. Banerian], c1987.

Dang, Tran Con. The song of a soldier's wife = Chinh phu ngam. Bilingual edition translated and annotated by Huynh Sanh Thong ; illustrated by Trung Duong. New Haven, Conn. : Council on Southeast Asia Studies, Yale Center for International and Area Studies, c1986.

Du Tu Lê. Love poems   Trans. into English by Do Trac Vy, ... [et al.]   Garden Grove, Calif. : Nhan Chung, 1985, c1984.

Hà, Thúc Sinh.  If I should live to return : "report to the free world" : songs   Translated from the Vietnamese by James Banerian.  [United States : J. Banerian], c1987.

Hô, Xuân Huong.  All she wants : poetry English adaptations by David Cevet   London : Tuba, 1987.

Hô, Xuân Huong  Spring Essence : the Poetry of Hô Xuân Huong  Edited and translated by John Balaban.  Port Townsend, Wash. : Copper Canyon Press, c2000.

Hoàng, Quang Thuân,  Thi vân Yên Tu : tho Viêt-Anh Pháp: Les nuages poétiques de Yên Tu  Poèmes traduits, Hoang Huu Đan.  Poetic clouds of Yen Tu. English version by T.D. Nguyen. [Hà Nôi] : Nhà xuât ban Hôi nhà van, [1999].

H­ưu Thinh. The time tree : poems. Translated by George Evans & Nguyễn Quí Đức.  Willimantic, CT : Curbstone Press, 2003.

Nguyên Chí Thiên, Hoa dia-nguc.  Flowers from hell:  Hoa dia-nguc  A bilingual edition of poems selected and translated from the Vietnamese by Huynh Sanh Thông.  New Haven, CT, USA : Southeast Asia Studies, Yale University, c1984.

Nguyên Du.  The tale of Kiêu : a bilingual edition Truyen Kiêu  Translated and annotated by Huynh Sanh Thông, and with a historical essay by Alexander B. Woodside.  New Haven, [Conn.] : Yale University Press, c1983.

Nguyên Duy.  Distant road : selected poems of Nguyen Duy.   Edited and translated by Nguyen Ba Chung and Kevin Bowen.  Willimantic, CT : Curbstone Press, 1999.

Nguyen, Quang Thieu. The women carry river water : poems. Edited & translated by Martha Collins & Nguyen Quang Thieu with Nguyen Ba Chung. Amherst : University of Massachusetts Press, c1997.

6 Vietnamese poets : Y nhi, Nguyen Khoa Diem, Lam Thi My da,
Nguyen Duc Ma, Xuan Quynh, Pham Tien Duat.
  Edited by Nguyen Ba Chung & Kevin Bowen ; with translations by Martha Collins ... [et al.]. Willimantic, CT : Curbstone Press in cooperation with the William
Joiner Center for the Study of War and Social Consequences, 2002.

Three Vietnamese poets. Translated by Linh . Kaneohe, HI : Tinfish Press, [2001?]

Tô Huu.  Poems.  Translated by Aileen Palmer.  Hanoi : Foreign Languages Pub. House, 1959.

Xuân-Viêt.  The nine dragons hymn; ten poems from Vietnam with original texts in Vietnamese.  [Saigon] Nguoi Viêt [1969].


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