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Bibliographies and Journal Indexes

ASEAN and Southeast Asia

Economist Intelligence Unit. Country Reports

Annual bibliography of Indian archaeology. Leiden: Instituut Kern, 1926- CALL NUMBER: 913.34 A-In8b LIB HAS: v.1- (1926-1958/73).Includes a section on areas under Indian cultural influence, including Southeast Asia. It indexes the Siam Society Journal.

See online version: ABIA South and Southeast Asian art and archaeology index

ASEAN, a bibliography. Project co-ordinator, Patricia Lim; contributors, IDE, Toyko ... [et al.]. Singapore : Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, 1984. Suzzallo Reference Stacks Z3221 .A85 1984.

ASEAN : a bibliography, 1981-85. Project co-ordinator, Patricia Lim Pui Huen ; edited by Ajita Thuraisingham ; with contributions from Violeta V. Encarnacion ... [et al.]. Singapore : Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, 1988. Suzzallo Reference Stacks DS520 .A8 1988.

Bibliography of Asian Studies. Ann Arbor: Association for Asian Studies, 1969-. SuzRef Z3001 Click for list of journals indexed. See also BAS Online, available to UW students and faculty.

Johnson, Donald Clay, 1940-. Index to Southeast Asian journals, 1960-1974 : a guide to articles, book reviews, and composite works. Boston : G. K. Hall, c1977. Suzzallo Reference Stacks Z3221 .J64.

Johnson, Donald Clay. Index to Southeast Asian Journals, 1975-1979. Boston: G.K. Hall, c1982. Z3221.J643 1982 Suzzallo Reference Stacks Z3221 .J643 1982

Southeast Asia Theses and Dissertations, 1906-1997.  Theses written at the University of California, Berkeley.

Southeast Asian research tools. Honolulu: Southeast Asian Studies, Asian Studies Program, University of Hawaii, 1979. 9 v. o.: Southeast Asia paper ; no. 16. Suzzallo Reference Stacks Z3221 .S68 1979.

United Nations Bibliographic Information System


An Annotated bibliography of Cambodia and Cambodian refugees. Compiled by John Marston. Pub. Info.: Minneapolis, Minn. : Southeast Asian Refugee Studies Project, Center for Urban and Regional Affairs, University of Minnesota, 1987. Publication (University of Minnesota. Center for Urban and Regional Affairs) ; no. CURA 87-2. Suzzallo General Stacks DS554.8 .A56 1987

Zaleha Tamby. Cambodia : a bibliography. Singapore : Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, 1982. Library bulletin (Institute of Southeast Asian Studies); no. 12. Suzzallo Reference Stacks Z3228.K3 Z34 1982


Aung-Thwin, Michael. Southeast Asian research tools : Burma [Honolulu] : Southeast Asian Studies, Asian Studies Program, University of Hawaii, 1979.: Southeast Asia paper ; no. 16, pt. 3. East Asia Library of Congress DS485.B8 A96 1979

Burma: a study guide. Washington, D.C. : Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, c1987. Suzzallo Reference Stacks Z3216 .B87 1987

Herbert, Patricia. Burma. Oxford, England : Clio, 1991. World bibliographical series ; v. 132. Suzzallo Reference Stacks Z3216 .H47 1991

Whitbread, Kenneth. Catalogue of Burmese printed books in the India Office Library. London, H.M. Stationery Off., 1969. Suzzallo Reference Stacks Z3216.W45.

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Meta-Guide to Indonesia: Annotated Bibliograpy of post 1990 Bibliographies on Indonesia. By George Miller

Pusat Dokumentasi dan Informasi Ilmiah (Indonesia). Daftar Koleksi mikro PDII-LIPI. Jakarta : Pusat Dokumentasi dan Informasi Ilmiah, Lembaga Ilmu Pengetahuan Indonesia. Suzzallo General Stacks Z3271 .P87 LIB HAS: no.2- (1991-)

Indonesian Acquisitions List. Australian National Library.

Katalog induk nasional. [Jakarta] : Pusat Pembinaan Perpustakaan, Departemen Pendidikan dan Kebudayaan, [1980-. Suzzallo General Stacks: Z955.A12 I54 LIB HAS: 1982, 1984-1987, 1992-

Lembaran berita sejarah lisan. Arsip Nasional Republik Indonesia. Sub-Bidang Sejarah Lisan. Jakarta : Sub-Bidang Sejarah Lisan, Arsip Nasional RI, [1981-Suzzallo General Stacks D16.14 .L45 LIB HAS: no.11- (Mar. 1985-).


Excerpta Indonesica Leiden, The Netherlands : Centre for Documentation of Modern Indonesia of the Royal Institute of Linguistics and Anthropology, 1970- Suzzallo Reference Stacks Z3276.C86 1978.  Also available on CD-ROM, 1970-99.  SuzzRef Media    Z3273 .E833.

Indeks artikel majalah Tempo. [Jakarta] : Grafitipers. Suzzallo Periodicals Stacks AP95.I5 T45 Index LIB HAS: 1986-.

Indeks berita dan artikel surat kabar bidang ilmu-ilmu sosial dan kemanusiaan. Jakarta, Departemen P Dan K, Pusat Pembinaan Perpustakan, Perpustakaan Sejarah Politik dan Sosial. Suzzallo Reference Stacks AI19 .I55 I54 LIB HAS: v.2- (1981-) Incomplete. Indexes: Angkatan Bersenjata, Berita Buana, Bisnis Indonesia, Kompas, Media Indonesia, Merdeka, Pelita, Republika, Suara Karya, Suara Pembaruan.

Indeks laporan penelitian dan survei. Pusat Dokumentasi dan Informasi Ilmiah (Indonesia). 1950-1977-. Jakarta : Pusat Dokumentasi Ilmiah Nasional, Lembaga Ilmu Pengetahuan Indonesia, 1978-. Suzzallo General Stacks CALL NUMBER: Z3273 .I53 LIB HAS: 1987-

Indeks majalah ilmiah Indonesia = Index of Indonesian learned periodicals. Jakarta, Indonesia : Pusat Dokumentasi Ilmiah Nasional, Lembaga Ilmu Pengetahuan Indonesia, [1982-. Continues: Indeks madjalah ilmiah. Suzzallo Reference Stacks AI19.I55 I56 LIB HAS: v.24, v.25, v.29-.

Indeks majalah ilmiah Indonesia retrospektif = Retrospective index of Indonesian learned periodicals. Jakarta: Pusat Dokumentasi dan Informasi Ilmiah, Lembaga Ilmu Pengetahuan Indonesia, 1993-. Suzzallo Reference Stacks AI19.I55 I542

Sari literatur Jawa = Abstract of Javanese literature. Jakarta : Perpustakaan Nasional, Departemen Pendidikan dan Kebudayaan, 1986-. Suzzallo General Stacks DS646.17 .S274 LIB HAS: v.1-4 (1986-1992).

Electronic Indexes

Bibliography of Indonesian politics and economy : 1965-1992. Van Langenberg, Michael. 2nd ed; MS-DOS version. Research Institute for Asia and the Pacific, University of Sydney NSW 2006, Australia, 1993. 4 computer disks. SuzzRef Stacks  Z3278.A5 V3 1993

Excerpta Indonesica. Leiden, The Netherlands : Centre for Documentation of Modern Indonesia of the Royal Institute of Linguistics and Anthropology. Available on CD-ROM, 1970-99.  SuzzRef Media    Z3273 .E833 

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Catalogue des documents ecrits du Centre de documentation sur le Laos a Metz. Metz : Centre de documentation sur le Laos a Metz, [1990?].Suzzallo General Stacks Z3226 .C37 1990

"Contents of Vannasin Magazine" 1979-1991. Unpublished manuscript compiled under the auspices of the Social Science Research Council. Inquire at Southeast Asian Studies Office.

Kene, Thao. Bibliographie du Laos. [Vientiane, Laos] Edition du Comite litteraire, 1958. Suzzallo General Stacks 959.4 AK35b

McKinstry, John. Bibliography of Laos and ethnically related areas. Joel M. Halpern, editor. Amherst, Mass. : University of Mass., c1990. Laos paper ; no. 22. Suzzallo General Stacks Z3233 .M35 1990a

Sage, William W. Laos : a bibliography. Compiled by William W. Sage and Judith A.N. Henchy. Singapore : Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, 1986. Library bulletin (Institute of Southeast Asian Studies); no. 16. Suzzallo Reference Stacks Z3226 .S23 1986



Senarai penerimaan = List of accessions. Arkib Negara Malaysia. Previously published as an appendix to the Annual report of the Archives. Petaling Jaya : Arkib Negara Malaysia. Suzzallo General Stacks: CD2291.M34 S46 LIB HAS: 1986-1988.

Periodical Indexes

Index to periodical articles relating to Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, ASEAN : humanities & social sciences. Compiled by the Humanities/Social Sciences/Management Reference Department. National University of Singapore. Library. Singapore : National University of Singapore Library, 1984. Suzzallo General Stacks: Z3221 .I54 LIB HAS: 1980/82-1988, 1990-.

Perpustakaan Negara Malaysia. Indeks majalah Malaysia = Malaysian periodicals index. Suzzallo Reference Stacks AI3 .I26: 1979- Incomplete.

Perpustakaan Negara Malaysia. Indeks suratkhabar Malaysia = Malaysian newspaper index. Suzzallo Reference Index/Abstract AI3 .I275 LIB HAS: June/Dec. 1979- Incomplete; Located on Shelf 17.

Indeks dan abstrak jurnal UKM, 1970-1990. Disunting oleh Mohd. Ghazali Haji Abbas, Rosnah Sulaiman, Zawiyah Mohd Yusof. Bangi : Penerbit Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, 1992. Suzzallo General Stacks AS486.U54 I54 1992

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University of the Philippines Library. Index to Philippine periodical literature, 1946-67. Z3293.U54 1972

Index to Philippine periodicals. Quezon City [etc.]: University of the Philippines Library [etc.].Suzzallo Reference Stacks AI3 .I56.

University of the Philippines. Library. Index to plays, 1946-1967. Diliman, Rizal, The Library, University of the Philippines, 1970. Research guide (University of the Philippines. Library) ; no. 8. Suzzallo General Stacks Z3298.L5 U555 1970

Mata, Maria Nena R. The Fookien Times yearbook master index, 1936-1980. [Manila? : Fookien Times Yearbook Publishing Co.?, 1983?]. Suzzallo Reference Stacks DS666.C5 F664 1983


Singapore National Library. Singapore periodicals index. Suzzallo Reference Stacks: A13.S57 1986-

National University of Singapore. Central Library. Index to periodical articles relating to Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, ASEAN; humanities and social sciences. Suzzallo General Stacks Z3221 .I54 LIB HAS: 1980/82-1988, 1990-.



Bibliotheque nationale (France). Inventaire des livres imprimes khmers et thai du Fonds George Coedes . Par Manuel Mauries, avec la collaboration d'Elisabeth Vernier.Paris : Bibliotheque nationale, c1991. Suzzallo Reference Stacks Z3236 .B55 1991

Chulalongkonmahawitthayalai. Khana Aksonrasat. Hongsamut. Bannanukrom nangsu phasa lae wannakhadi Thai khong Hongsamut Khana Aksonsat Chulalongkonmahawitthayalai pi Pho. So. 2533. [Krungthep] : Fai Wichai, Khana Aksonsat, 2534 [1991]. Suzzallo General Stacks Z7094.8 .C48 1991

Datchani Sayamrat sapdawichan lae Matichon sutsapda. Krungthepmahanakhon : Samnak Bannasan Kanphatthana, Sathaban Bandit Phatthana Borihansat, 1990- Suzzallo General Stacks AI21.S39 D37 LIB HAS: no.2533- (1990-).

Hart, Donn Vorhis, 1918-. Thailand : an annotated bibliography of bibliographies. [De Kalb] : Northern Illinois University, Center for Southeast Asian Studies, 1977. Series Info.: Occasional papers (Northern Illinois University. Center for Southeast Asian Studies) ; no. 5. Suzzallo Reference Stacks Z3236.A1 H37

Prachak Praphaphitthayakon. Wannakhadi wikhro Phra Aphai Mani : (chalong 200 pi Sunthon Phu). Krunghthep Mahanakhon : Odian Sato, 2529 [1986]. Suzzallo General Stacks PL4209.S82 P37 1986

Raingan kanwichai tam Khrongkan Pariwat Wannakam Isan chak Nangsu Phuk. [Maha Sarakham] : Mahawitthayalai Sinakharinwirot, [2528 i.e. 1985]. Suzzallo General Stacks L4200 .R336 1985

Periodical Indexes

Datchani warasan Thai = Index to Thai periodical literature. Phra Nakhon : Khana Ratthaprasasanasat, Mahawitthayalai Thammasat, 2507 [i.e. 1964]-Suzzallo General Stacks AI19.T47 D37 LIB HAS: 1960-64, 1984, 1989-.

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Bibliotheque nationale (France). Departement des livres imprimes. Catalogue du fonds indochinois : livres vietnamiens imprimes en quoc ngu, 1922-1954. Paris : Bibliotheque nationale, c1991. 13 microfiches. Suzzallo Reference Stacks: Microfiche MB-682

Bibliotheque nationale (France). Departement des livres imprimes. Catalogue du fonds vietnamien : 1890-1921. Par Madame Le Thi Ngoc Anh, sous la direction de Therese Ehling. Paris : Bibliotheque nationale, Dep. des livres imprimes, Dep. des entrees etrangeres, c1987. Suzzallo Reference Stacks: Z3228.V5 B53 1987

Bibliotheque nationale (France). Service Asie. Inventaire des livres imprimes vietnamiens : 1960-1979. Paris : Bibliotheque nationale, c1987. Prepared by Christiane Rageau and Nguyen Thi Xuan Suong under the direction of Therese Ehling and Christine Derrien. Suzzallo Reference Stacks: Z3226 .B53 1987

Boudet, Paul. Bibliographie de l'Indochine francaise. Hanoi, Imprimerie d'Extreme-Orient, 1929-. Suzzallo General Stacks 959 AB661b v.1-4.

Descours-Gatin, Chantal. Guide de recherches sur le Vietnam : bibliographies, archives et bibliotheques de France. Chantal Descours-Gatin, Hugues Villiers; sous la direction de G Boudarel, P. Brocheux et D. Hemery. Paris : Editions L'Harmattan, c1983. Suzzallo General Stacks Z3228.V5 D47 1983

Di san Han Nom Viet Nam : thu muc de yeu. Dong chu bien, Tran Nghia, Francois Gros ; ban bien tap, nhom Vien nghien cuu Han Nom, nhom Hoc vien. Ha Noi : Khoa hoc xa hoi, 1993. 3 v. In Vietnamese, French and Chinese. Suzzallo General Stacks: Z3226 .D524 1993

Hastie, Diane, 1966-. Viet-Nam : une bibliographie de publications recentes = Vietnam: a bibliography of recent publications. Quebec : Groupe d'etudes et de recherches sur l'Asie contemporaine, Universite Laval, c1992. Text in French and English.. Series Info.: Documents du GERAC ; 2. Suzzallo General Stacks Z3226 .H38 1992

Jumper, Roy. Bibliography on the political and administrative history of Vietnam, 1802-1962. [Saigon] Michigan State University, Vietnam Advisory Group, [1964]. Suzzallo Reference Stacks Z3228.V5 J8 1964

Library of Congress. Vietnamese holdings in the Library of Congress : a bibliography. Compiled by A. Kohar Rony. Washington, D.C. : Library of Congress, U.S. G.P.O., 1982. Suzzallo Reference Stacks Z3228.V5 L52 1982

Marr, David G. Vietnam. David G. Marr, compiler ; with the assistance of Kristine Alilunas-Rodgers. World bibliographical series ; v. 147. Oxford, Eng. ; Santa Barbara, Calif. : Clio Press, c1992. Suzzallo Reference Stacks Z3226 .M37 1992

Nguyen, Dinh Tham. Studies on Vietnamese language and literature : a preliminary bibliography. Ithaca, N.Y. : Southeast Asia Program, Cornell University, 1992. Suzzallo General Stacks Z7101.V5 N48 1992

Nguyen, Dinh Thi. Bibliographie vietnamienne. Paris : Editions Sudestasie, 1975- Section bibliographies (Centre de documentation et de recherches sur l'Asie du sud-est et le monde insulindien) Suzzallo General Stacks Z3226 .N57 1975

Nguyen, Hung Cuong, 1917- Thu tich ve khoa hoc xa hoi tai Viet Nam. Bibliographie des sciences sociales au Vietnam. A bibliography of social science materials published in Vietnam (1947-1967). Saigon, Phu Quoc-vu-khanh Dac-trach Van-hoa, Nha Van-kho va Thu-Vien Quoc-gia, 1970. Suzzallo Reference Stacks Z7165.V5 N485 1970

Nguyen Phuong Khanh. Vietnamese legal materials, 1954-1975 : a selected, annotated bibliography. Washington : Library of Congress, 1977. Suzzallo General Stacks KPW1 .N48 1977

Poitelon, Jean-Claude. Catalogue des periodiques vietnamiens de la Bibliotheque nationale. [Microform]. Par Jean-Claude Poitelon et Nguyen Tat. Paris : Bibliotheque nationale, 1993. 15 microfiches. Microforms Newspapers: Microfiche M-2701

Ross, Marion W. Bibliography of Vietnamese literature in the Wason collection at Cornell University. Ithaca : Dept. of Asian Studies, Cornell University, 1973. Data paper (Cornell University. Southeast Asia Program); no. 90.Suzzallo Reference Stacks Z3229.L5 R67 1973a

Vietnamese union catalogue. Pub. Info.: [Sydney] : University of Sydney Library, 1985- Received for Suzzallo Reference Stacks and not yet available.

Periodical Indexes

Chi, Nguyen Dong. Tong muc luc va sach dan cac bai luan van cua 48 so tap san Nghien cuu van su dia, 153 so tap chi Nghien cuu lich su, 1954-1973. Ha Noi : Uy Ban Khoa Hoc Xa Hoi Viet Nam, Vien Su Hoc, 1975.Suzzallo General Stacks

Hill, R. D. (Ronald David). Index Indochinensis : an English and French index to Revue Indochinoise, Extreme-Asie, Extreme-Asie - revue indochinoise and La Revue indochinoise juridique et economique. [Hong Kong]: Centre of Asian Studies, University of Hong Kong, 1983. Suzzallo General Stacks DS501.R48 H55 1983

N. B. Khoach, A.J. Riedy and Truong Buu Lam. An annotated index of the journals of Van su dia and Nghien cuu lich su. University of Hawaii, Center for Southeast Asian Studies. DS556.N472

National Library of Vietnam. Thu muc cac bai dang tap chi. Isolated issues only for 1980s. Not yet cataloged for Suzref.

Nguyen, Thi Loi. Tong muc luc 20 nam tap chi dan toc hoc (1974-1994). Hanoi : Trung Tam Khoa Hoc Xa Hoi Va Nhan Van Quoc Gia, 1994. Suzzallo General Stacks

Thu muc cac bai dang bao. Cong hoa xa hoi chu nghia Viet Nam, Thu vien quoc gia. Ha-noi : Thu' vien quoc gia. Suzzallo General Stacks: AI19.V53 T47

Tran-thi-KimSa. Muc-luc phan-tich tap-chi Viet-ngu, 1954-1964. A Guide to Vietnamese periodical literature, 1954-1964. Saigon, Hoc-vien Quoc-gia Hanh-chanh, 1965. Titles indexed: Bach-khoa, Dai-hoc, Hanh-chanh khao-luan, Luat-hoc kinh-te tap-chi, Nghien-cuu hanh-chanh, Phap-ly tap-san and Que-huong.

Vien Su Hoc. Tong muc luc tap chi nghien cuu lich su : 1954-1994. Ha Noi : Vien Su Hoc, 1995.Suzzallo General Stacks

Vien Thong Tin Khoa Hoc Xa Hoi. Thu muc cac bai tap chi khoa hoc xa hoi. Hanoi, 19uu-. Received for Suzzallo Periodicals Stacks and not yet cataloged.

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