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Southeast Asia Section

Library Consortia and Cooperative Agreements

The Center for Research Libraries

The University of Washington Libraries is a member of the Center for Research Libraries, a consortium of the major research libraries which purchases and provides access to expensive and less heavily used research materials. Materials found in the CRL catalog can be easily requested through the Inter-Library Borrowing Office on the second floor of the Suzzallo Library, or using Online Request Forms.

The Southeast Asia Microform Project

The Southeast Asia Microform Project (SEAM) is a joint project of the Committee on Research Materials on Southeast Asia and the Center for Research Libraries in Chicago. SEAM is a membership organization which sponsors the preservation on microform of research materials from Southeast Asia. Materials from SEAM can be borrowed for generous time periods by researchers from member libraries. Restricted access to Project materials may also be available to non-member institutions. Some holdings of this project can be found in the CRL catalog, but some remain uncatalogued. Materials not yet fully catalogued can be accessed through the CRL Foreign Newspapers database.

The Committee on Research Materials on Southeast Asia CORMOSEA

The Committee on Research Materials on Southeast Asia is a Sub-Committee of the Association for Asian Studies, which represents the major Southeast Asia library collections in the United States. The libraries represented on this Committee maintain a number of cooperative agreements. Details of these activities can be found in the Report of the Committee on Research Materials on Southeast Asia to the Association of Research Libraries, Task Force on Foreign Acquisitions.

A number of the Libraries of CORMOSEA have divided collecting for sub-province level official publications from Indonesia according to the following table:


Institution        Geographic area                                        
Cornell            Jakarta, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, West Java               
Hawaii             East Indonesia including Irian Jaya                    
Michigan           Yogyakarta, Central Java                               
Northern Illinois  Bali                                                   
Ohio               East Java, Jambi, Riau, South Sumatra                  
Yale               North Sumatra                                          

The Northwest Regional Consortium for Southeast Asian Studies

The Northwest Regional Consortium for Southeast Asian Studies is a cooperative academic program comprising the Southeast Asian Studies programs at the Universities of British Columbia, Oregon, Victoria and Washington. The Consortium includes a library cooperative agreement between the libraries of those institutions for enahancing access to library materials for Southeast Asian Studies. The initial agreements with Consortium members for coordinated and cooperative library services have recently been enhanced under the provisions of an expanded library consortium, including in addition the Universities of California at Berekeley and Los Angeles and the University of Hawaii at Manoa. This consortium, called Southeast Asia Consortium-West (SEA-West) will cooperate in providing access to a broad range of research collections for Southeast Asian Studies.

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