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VSG Email Discussion List

The Vietnam Studies Group email list is maintained at the University of Washington by Judith Henchy. The list is unmoderated and is intended to facilitate exchange of scholarly news and views. The list is open to subscribers, including graduate students, who have a proven interest in Vietnam studies. 

If you would like to join the list, please click here and submit your email address.

For further information about becoming a VSG List member and managing your account, click here.


VSG List Rules of Conduct and Enforcement Policies

1. Communication shall be of a professional nature and not explicitly personal;
2. Participants shall show respect for the professional and personal integrity of others;
3. Participants shall assume that others act in good faith;
4. Participants shall identify themselves on posts with a full name and either institutional affiliation or city & state/province/country of residence;
5. Participants shall respect the privacy of others. (Please do not post personal contact details to the list.  If there is a request for contact information, please respond to that request off-list.);
6. Participants shall respect copyrights. (Please do not post copyrighted news articles to the list.  You can refer to a URL, or selectively cut and paste materials as part of a discussion);

Enforcement (as mandated at the 2011 Hawaii meeting)

If a participant violates the rules of conduct, then the Executive Committee will issue a warning off-list to the participant.  If the participant receives more than two (2) warnings for the same or different threads, the Executive Committee reserves the right to remove the participant from the list for some period of time.


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