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Anthropologist Joe Carrier on Vietnam's Central Highlanders

Daniel C. Tsang dtsang at uci.edu
Thu May 10 16:02:34 PDT 2007

Irvine -- In connection with a new exbibit on Vietnam's Central Highlanders
opening at UCI's Langson Library, on the next Subversity show on KUCI, we talk
with anthropologist Joe Carrier, whose photos taken during the Vietnam War and
more recently form a major part of the exhibit, "Surviving War, Surviving
Peace: The Central Highlanders of Vietnam."

Carrier, who obtain his Ph.D in social sciences from UC Irvine in 1972, had
been a Rand Corporation counterinsurgency specialist in Vietnam.  He later ran
the Vietnam field office of a National Academy of Sciences team investigating
the effects from the use of herbicides during the Vietnam War.  His papers
relating to his Rand work with the Chieu Hoi defection program during the
Vietnam War are archived in UCI's Southeast Asian Archive; the finding aid is
http://content.cdlib.org/view?docId=tf358005ct&doc.view=entire_text&brand=oac ,

We talk with Carrier about why he took the photos of the Central Highlanders,
their plight during various wars and and more recently, the role of various
regimes, and the responsibilities of an anthropologist in documenting people in
cultures different from one's own.

A reception in connection with the exhibit will take place Tuesday 15 May at
5:30 p.m. at Langson Library.  For more information, see:
http://www.lib.uci.edu/libraries/new/exhibit_spr07.html .

The show airs 9-10 a.m. on Monday, 14 May 2007, on KUCI, 88.9 fm in Orange
County, California, and is webcast simultaneously via http://kuci.org.

Archived editions of Subversity shows are available via the Subversity home
page (http://kuci.org/~dtsang).  Past shows are now also made available for
podcasting (http://kuci.org/podcasts/?ShowID=600).



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