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Early History Translations

From: Liam Kelley <liam@hawaii.edu>
Date: Mon, Oct 15, 2012 at 11:17 PM
Subject: [Vsg] early history translations
To: Vietnam Studies Group <vsg@u.washington.edu>

Dear list,

Please excuse the self promotion, but I think I'm ready to "launch" a beta version of a project I've been working on. Years ago I received a Luce/ACLS grant to translate the "outer annals" (i.e., the period up to the 10th century AD) of two premodern Vietnamese chronicles: the Dai Viet su ky toan thu and the Kham dinh Viet su thong giam cuong muc. Over time this project expanded to include the Linh Nam chich quai, and to incorporate the original Han texts. The project is close to completion, and it is almost all available online (I still need to add chapter 5 of the DVSKTT).

It's very basic, but for anyone interested, here is the link:


I'd like to thank Luce/ACLS (and George Dutton for writing a letter of support way back when).

Liam Kelley
University of Hawaii


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