Information Gateway Equals Improved Services

Welcome to Autumn Quarter 1998 from the University of Washington Libraries. Our gift to you this fall is the new University Libraries Information Gateway. This new Web site not only has a fresh look and feel, it will provide you with enhanced services and productive access to the information you need. Unveiled on September 14, 1998, the Information Gateway will continue to expand and develop over the year as the Libraries moves more services to the Web.

The new Gateway provides a quick and efficient way to find both electronic and print resources, and to access library services. The pages are organized from the user's point of view, rather than by organizational structure, and allow the Libraries to offer some new services.

Through the Gateway you can:

In addition, services and resources you used in the past will continue to be offered in an easier-to-use format.

  • UW Libraries Catalog using Wilco and WinWillow software

A Web-based catalog will be introduced Spring Quarter 1999, and telnet access to a character-based library catalog will be maintained for the foreseeable future.

The University Libraries developed the Information Gateway because of its continuing commitment to improving library services and to providing seamless access to a wide variety of information resources. Since the Web has become the common interface for desktop access to information, the Libraries has moved to this technology in order to take advantage of the databases, indexes and other research materials that are becoming available only through the Web. In addition, as UW schools, colleges, departments and agencies move information and services to the Web, the Information Gateway will facilitate linkages with other UW Web pages and sites.

The Information Gateway will continue to develop and expand over the coming year. Try it out at and send your comments and questions to Watch for classes and demonstrations of the new products and services as they are made available, and check with your subject librarian for more information.