Organization & Effectiveness

Develop and invest in staff resources and expertise to focus on strategic priorities and new ways of working.

PeopleThe Libraries values the diversity and expertise of staff and recognizes their critical role in the success of the organization. We prepare current staff for future roles and recruit outstanding and diverse new staff in anticipation of workforce transitions, collaborative environments, and the emerging needs of the University. We strive to appropriately compensate new and current staff, understanding that it is paramount to retaining and recruiting talented, enthusiastic and innovative employees. We improve the ways in which we work to more effectively anticipate and meet new and ongoing user needs.

Focus Areas

  • Plan for future workforce transitions and needs
    We respond to changing staffing requirements and levels with flexibility, considering not only the overall objectives of the Libraries but also the needs of individual areas and staff members. We assess our current organizational structure and make staffing decisions with an eye to future opportunities and growth.
  • Create an environment of support and opportunity for all staff
    We foster an organizational climate of appreciation, where staff at all levels are recognized for their valuable contributions. We provide the best possible resources, opportunities and encouragement for staff to grow, learn and advance within the Libraries.
  • Transform work processes and build efficiencies
    We seize opportunities to employ new tools, systems, and partnerships that improve how we work. We value, develop, and strengthen the skills, expertise, and achievements of staff who move us forward.


What is it?
    Functional Directory
      The purpose of the Functional Staff Directory Task Force is to explore, identify, recommend, and implement a product and/or solution that will identify Libraries’ staff by unit, job title, specific responsibilities, specialty area, and/or knowledge set.
        Human Resources/Payroll (Workday)
          Implement new UW Human Resources/Payroll System replacing the legacy system HEPPS/OPUS.
            Libraries Organizational Realignment
              Phase I: recruit for new Collections and Content Associate Dean. Realign Research and Learning Services. Create Distinctive Collections organization unit (Special Collections, Areas Studies and other appropriate collections).

                Organizational Review Initiative (ORI)
                  The goal of this initiative is to review the Libraries' organizational structure in result and anticipation of key retirements and realign our services and resources to better meet the needs of our users.
                    Supervisor Training
                      To create a supervisor in-service training in connection with new employee orientation.The training will also be for staff who are already employees and become supervisors.

                        Efforts to build a more diverse and inclusive workforce
                        (also part of Engagement & Community)

                          Reviewing, assessing and implementing the Libraries Diversity Plan, promoting the inclusion of diversity into our culture, working with University individuals to identify and take advantage of opportunities related to diversity. Partnering with Librarian Liaisons to help bring in speakers to educate staff on their particular area of studies/work
                          Libraries Data & User Privacy (Also part of Engagement & Community) Develop policies and procedures relating to the collection, storage, and use of user data generated/collected by the Libraries. Examine current policies and processes of other UW units (e.g. UW IT), explore how peer libraries are dealing with the issue of user privacy and data use for improvement, and propose ideas to help guide informed decision-making in the Libraries around these issues.