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Acquisitions and Rapid Cataloging Services (ARCS)

Acquisitions and Rapid Cataloging Services (ARCS) is one of three technical services divisions within Resource Acquisitions and Description/Information Technology Services; the others are Cataloging and Metadata Services (CAMS), and Preservation Services.  ARCS is the Libraries' central acquisitions unit for materials in all formats.  Wherever possible, ARCS performs simple cataloging on receipt for newly acquired monographs using copy from the Library of Congress and OCLC member libraries; items that cannot be quick cataloged are distributed to staff in CAMS.

Acquisition and processing is partially decentralized within the Libraries. The East Asia Library (CJK) and International Studies (Near East, Slavic, South Asia, Southeast Asia) have their own technical services operations, which acquire and process vernacular materials. Some units, including the Bothell Campus Library, Tacoma Campus Library, Health Sciences Library, and Microforms/Newspapers Division receive and process their print serials directly, although ordering is handled centrally. The Gallagher Law Library is a separate administrative unit and is responsible for its own acquisitions.

ARCS works closely with these units, as well as CAMS, Collection Management Services, Preservation Services and Central Circulation Services to standardize and coordinate processing procedures and policies across the Libraries.

The division also works with the Libraries' Digital Initiatives Unit to carry out digitization projects, working on rights management, scanning, and providing descriptive metadata.