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Instructors: Placing Material on Reserve in the Art Library

How to place materials on reserve in the Art Library

Only reserves lists for 300+ level courses are accepted at the Art Library. For large classes below the 300 level (especially survey classes), reserves should be placed with the Odegaard Undergraduate Library reserve unit. Exceptions may be made for small classes.

1. Prepare a list. It is very helpful if you verify the bibliographic information in the UW Libraries catalog. This establishes whether the UW Libraries own the title. If the UW Libraries do not own the title, an effort will usually be made to purchase a copy as quickly as possible.

Verification is also useful for preparing the reserve list the instructor gives to the students so that the citations match the way the item is cataloged by the libraries (author form, etc.).

2. Submit your list. Lists may be submitted by hard copy, online form or email art@lib.washington.edu.
Information to include (*indicates a required field):

  • *Name
    *Course number and title
    *Campus box number, phone, email
    Number of expected students
    Contact person if other than instructor
  • *Author, title, date of publication and/or edition (if you know it). See section below for information about reprints.
  • *Loan period: 2 hour / 24 hour / 72 hour / library use only
    Choose one of the above for your items. You may use different loan periods for different titles. Only the 2 hour items are kept in the reserve section behind the desk. The other 3 categories are shelved with the regular books in the open stacks. For items which will receive intense usage, 2 hour is the best choice. All reprints are 2 hour.
  • Number of copies. The library will not usually purchase multiple copies unless there is expressed need, and other restrictions may apply. A general guideline is one copy per 20 students, but unless indicated, we usually default to one copy for the course if the item is not 2 hour. Contact the reserve technician or the librarian to discuss questions about the number of copies.

3. Copy and submit any reprints you require following the fair use guidelines of the Copyright Act of 1976. Please specify if you wish the photocopies to be shelved under the author's name or under your name. The photocopies will be returned to you at the end of the quarter.

Another option is to make short readings available online as electronic reserves (e-reserves). In general electronic reserves are best for journal articles, book chapters and other works with less than 30 pages. File sizes for readings that have more than 30 pages are too large to easily download. We do not scan complete books. There is a limit of 30 articles, etc., per course. Instructors should supply us with one-sided good high contrast photocopies. Alternatively, electronic files such as Word or .pdf files can be transmitted to us. For more information, check the FAQ's for reserves, ereserves, and course paks. Contact us if you are interested or have questions (art@lib.washington.edu).

Additional information

Lists are processed in the order they are received. For various reasons, including time needed to recall checked out books and to request books from other UW library units, you should allow at least 3 weeks before the first day of classes for the processing of your list. Do not expect something just submitted to be available immediately unless you have cleared it with the reserve technician.

Once processed, your reserve list can be viewed in the UW Libraries' catalog under the Course Reserves button. A paper list is also kept at the reserve desk in the Art Library.

Personal copies are accepted for reserve, at the owner's risk. They will be shelved behind the desk. If not retrieved in person at the end of the quarter, personal copies will be returned by campus mail. The library cannot be responsible for material not returned by students or lost in the mail.

If the UW Libraries do not own a title you need, we will try to purchase a copy as quickly as possible. Allow sufficient time for this process. A general guideline is 6 - 10 weeks - if the book is available. Out of print books will probably not be obtained in time for the current quarter.

Lists may be revised or added to at any time. Allow time for processing.

The UW Copyright Permissions Center (685-7969) has information on Course Paks, should you be considering having your students purchase course packs. This is not part of the library system.

A valuable resource on copyright is the Copyright Information for Educators page on the Libraries site. Also check out the UW Copyright Connection site.