Forrester Research

Forrester is an independent research firm that concentrates on the effects of technology change on businesses, consumers, and society, and analyzes such technology areas as new media, computing, software, networking, telecommunications, and the Internet. Forrester's research methodology involves as many participants as possible; analysts interview senior level executives and technology vendors to understand plans for the future, as well as technology customers to understand how technology is changing their perspective.


Important Notice about UW access to Forrester Research:

University of Washington faculty, staff, and students who wish to use Forrester Research must register for an individual account after agreeing to terms and conditions. PLEASE NOTE: You will need to supply Forrester Research with your first and last name, after having identified yourself on the following page via your UW NetID. As a result, your individual use of Forrester can be, and may be monitored by the company, although Forrester will not convey any personal information to third parties. UW Faculty, staff and continuing students may need to re-register periodically as Forrester purges accounts to keep their lists up to date. Use the link below to set up an account.

University of Washington and Forrester Research:
Conditions and Terms of Use of Forrester Research Data and Information

Forrester Research data and information, provided under this agreement:

  • May only be used by faculty, currently enrolled students, and research staff of the University of Washington for academic research and teaching purposes only.
  • May NOT be used in external activities, including outside consulting.
  • May NOT be shared outside the University of Washington.
  • Should be appropriately cited or referenced in publications and teaching materials.
  • Data and information accessed at Forrester Research is the property of Forrester and is protected by U.S. and international copyright law and other intellectual property laws.
    Use of this resource is governed by the UW Guidelines for Use of Computing and Networking Resources available at
    Violation of these conditions could result in the suspension of this service to individual accounts or UW and damage the relationship and goodwill between Forrester Research and the UW community.


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Notes regarding UW's institutional account:

Please note that UW's license with Forrester Research does not include direct access to Forrester analysts for research inquiries.  Please do not phone, write or send email inquiries to Forrester, as they will not be able to provide consultations.