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RIA Checkpoint

RIA Checkpoint

RIA Checkpoint is a tool for accounting and tax research. It includes tax cases, codes and regulations, IRC publications and other tax documents and federal rulings and internal revenue bulletins. It also includes accounting standards and regulations from AICPA, FASB, GASB, IASB, PCAOB and the SEC reference library.

For general access to RIA Checkpoint click on the link below:

Connect to RIA Checkpoint


Access for accounting and tax students

Accounting and tax students have the option of registering for an RIA Checkpoint access account. Use of a registered account allows you to save frequently used documents to a folder on the system. Registered access is only available to students, faculty and staff of the University of Washington.
You will be asked for your UW NetID to confirm your status before being allowed to register for the service. Once you have registered, you may connect to RIA Checkpoint from any computer connected to the Internet.
To prevent unauthorized use of the system, all student accounts on RIA Checkpoint will be purged on an semi-annual basis.

For RIA Checkpoint account (Current UW students, faculty and staff only. UW NetID required)

to RIA Checkpoint (if already registered)