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Printing & Scanning


Public printing is available from all of the library's computer workstations to self-service black and white or color laser printers near the information desk. Print jobs are held in the print queue for 24 hours. All campus printing is on 100% recycled paper and defaults to double-sided. For single sided printing, you must select the single sided version when choosing your printer.

Printing From Your Laptop

Users can also download a print driver from Dawg Prints and print directly from their own laptops.

Paying for Printing

Black and white prints are 12 cents for a single sided page and 23 cents for a double sided page. Color prints are 75 cents for a single sided page and $1.50 for a double sided page. Both are paid for with the UW Husky Card. Off-campus library users can purchase a Dawg Prints Card for $5 at the library that can be used for campus printing, photocopying, campus food services and more. For more information about campus printing, photocopying or the Dawg-Prints card, go to Dawg Prints.

If you are a UW student, faculty, or staff member, and want to add money to your Husky Card Account for printing from a credit or debit card online, go to Housing and Food Service's Husky Card Account website. You can add cash at add value stations located at Suzzallo/Allen Library, Odegaard Library, Health Sciences Library, and William H. Gates Hall. Husky cardholders can also make a deposit in person by cash or check at the Husky Card Account office on the ground floor below the Odegaard Library or any residence hall front desk.

Paperless Options

The Access+ workstations (limited to current University of Washington students, faculty and staff) have CD burners and USB ports (for portable USB drives), as well as a variety of FTP and email options. All public workstations have the same options, as well as floppy disk drives. We have four small scanners attached to Access+ computers. Our new book scanner is larger and does not require a UW login. It will send scans to an e-mail you supply, save them to a USB drive, or send them to the printer.


We no longer have a photocopy machine. You can use our new book scanning station to send scans directly to the printer, no UW login required.