Information Resources Principles and Goals

[Approved by UW Libraries Information Resources Council, February 2009]

We will:

1. recognize that the role of a research library is to serve a range of disciplines and user groups having different needs, and that we will respond to those needs in as cost-effective and timely a manner as possible.

2. collect, organize and make use of data on our collections, patrons' needs, and trends in scholarly publishing and communication to plan and manage our budgets and resources strategically.

3. strive to broaden access to information whenever possible, or to maintain it as best we can as funding allows and dictates.

4. collaborate effectively across the 3 UW campuses, and lead and participate actively in consortial relationships to share resources and maximize our purchasing power through coordinated buying strategies and effective vendor negotiation.

5. streamline decision-making and workflow to enable the Libraries to act quickly, take advantage of opportunities, and be as responsive to users as possible.

6. take into account the range of costs (for example, both direct or "purchase" costs vs. indirect or "transaction" costs) when considering whether and how to acquire information resources and/or access to them.

7. participate vigorously in transforming the scholarly communication system, including efforts to encourage responsible and sustainable publisher and vendor pricing and author rights policies.

8. address the long-term preservation needs of information resources in all formats collected.