Citizen - Fall 2012

Scholars' Studio: "Citizen" Research at the Commons. November 5, 2012

All slides are linked below in PDF format

The Radical Citizen Scientist

  • Bogdana m. Manole, School of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences. Cultural Studies. UW Bothell


The Ecological Citizen and Local Food

  • Megan Horst, PhD student, Urban Design and Planning


Pervasive Image Capture, the First Amendment, and Citizen-Initiated Counter Surveillance of Police in Public Spaces

  • Bryce Clayton Newell, Ph.D. student, The Information School


Citizenship and Public Service

  • Michael Hank, Evans School of Public Affairs


The ɾ in "Citizen": Difficulties in Mapping Speech


Public Participation Geographic Information System (P/PGIS): a bridge between environment stewardship and public land management

  • Mu-Ning Wang, School of Environmental and Forest Sciences


Ask Not What the Herd Can Do for You

  • Katherine Kwong, Public Health Genetics


Wayward Citizens: Citizen Journalism Under the Lens of Deviance

  • Amber Cortes, Master of Communication in Digital Media


Global Change Calls for Global Change: Is citizen science a good mechanism to study biodiversity?

  • Natalie R. Footen, School of Environmental and Forest Sciences (nataliefooten at gmail dot com)


From Subject to Participant to…Principal Investigator? The rise of citizen science in genetics research

  • Sarah Catherine Nelson, Institute for Public Health Genetics (sarahcn at uw dot edu)