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Scholars' Studio Proposal Submission Form

Scholars' Studio is a quarterly event featuring up to 10 short presentations (5 minutes each) by UW graduate students and postdocs. Each quarter we invite proposals for talks on a theme, in order to encourage cross-disciplinary sharing of research. The event is fast paced and fun. It includes a Q&A with presenters, and a reception. Presenters receive feedback on their presentations through feedback forms distributed to audience members. Scholars’ Studio is an excellent opportunity for grad students looking to make connections and build presentation skills.

Proposals will be reviewed for selection based on the following criteria:

  • Does the content and objectives of the proposal address the theme (Visions, Community Engagement)?
  • Is the proposal clear and easily accessible for scholarly audiences outside of your discipline?
  • Does the proposal describe presentation methods used to inform and engage the audience in 5 minutes or less?
  • How does the proposal showcase creativity, originality, or inspire curiosity?
I'd like to present at:   Select the Scholars' Studio for which you're submitting a proposal.

You will be notified via e-mail if your proposal has been selected.