Songdai wenxue shumu

Sung Dynasty (960-1279) Literature Bibliography

(preliminary version)

Bibliography of Sung Literature Studies Database
Classical Chinese Database at Yuan Ze University


Yuan Ze University in Taiwan, Peking University in China, and the University of Washington in a joint cooperative project have created a Sung Dynasty literature Web Site. Peking University is responsible for all aspects of the full text of the Sung Dynasty poetry. Yuan Ze University and Peking University are jointly responsible for defining the scope of the systems development project and creating the Internet Web Site containing the Sung Dynasty poetry text. The University of Washington is responsible for gathering and organizing research material found in digital form on Sung Dynasty literature, and creating the Internet web page containing the Sung Dynasty literature bibliography. Yuan Ze University is responsible for developing the retrieval system on the Internet server.

The purpose of this site is to provide a convenient teaching and learning environment on one site for users to do research and to discuss Sung literature in a friendly workbench.


The following databases were selected for the compilation of the bibliography:

  1. University of Washington Library Catalog
  2. OCLC-WorldCat
  3. Books in Print
  4. Expanded Academic Index
  5. Eric
  6. Index to Chinese Periodical Literature on CD-ROM (in Chinese, created by the National Central Library in Taipei)
  7. Index to Chinese Social Science Periodical Literature (in Chinese, created by Shanghai Municipal Library )
  8. Historical Book List Database (in Chinese, created in Taiwan)
note: The UW subscribes to the above listed databases no.2 to no.7. Database no.8 is an Internet resource. Links to the Four UWIN databases (#2-#5) are available to UW faculty, staff and students only.


A. The record fields: Author, title, publication information, year, source (periodical title of the article, and series title), subject, and Record-source.

B. The "subject heading" terms for searching these databases include:

  1. Chinese literature--Sung Dynasty, and its Chinese language equivalent
  2. Chinese poetry--Sung Dynasty, and its Chinese language equivalent
  3. Tz'u--Sung Dynasty, and its Chinese language equivalent
  4. Sung wen (in Chinese scripts only)
We have also selected twenty-two Sung poets(
*1) as subjects. We searched their romanized names as well as their names in the Chinese script.

C. Languages. The bibliography includes titles in English, and Chinese in romanizations and original scripts.

D. Database time coverage:



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17 Oct 1997