From the Vice Provost and Dean - February 2018

The heart of undergraduate research

The Libraries has always supported undergraduates in every phase of their education--from welcoming first-year students who may be overwhelmed with the  University’s vast resources and spaces, to providing scholarships for Libraries’ student employees and undergraduate researchers, to helping students find research resources, online or in person.

I invite you to learn about just one example of research partnerships among students, faculty, and librarians.  Kristy Kwon, a senior in Economics and International Studies,  found her path to a thesis on K-dramas through Hyokyoung Yi, Korean Studies Librarian, and Deborah Porter, associate professor in the Jackson School of International Studies. Their story illustrates the impact that librarians make as they guide students in navigating a major research library with millions of resources – in multiple languages.  Like Kristy, students across the UW benefit every day from our expert librarians who help them identify and evaluate relevant materials.  From the outset of a undergraduate research project to supporting a student’s ultimate success as a graduate, the Libraries is an indispensable part of the Husky Experience.

Lizabeth (Betsy) Wilson