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EAL Auxiliary Stacks

UW faculty and students are welcome to make an appointment to visit and browse the East Asia Library Kane Auxiliary Stacks. Browsing access is to aid research as needed.


The entrance to the Kane Hall stacks is from the By George level of the Odegaard Undergraduate Library building.


  • Make an appointment in person or call the Information Desk (206-543-4490) ahead of of your visit
  • Staff will assist you to locate the books and journals you need in EAL Kane Auxiliary Stacks
  • Once you have identified the material that you want, we will check it out to you.

We provide twice-daily retrieval from the Kane EAL Auxiliary Stacks to the East Asia Library in Gowen.

Background Information and Guidelines for Use:

Because the Kane space was not designed as a public stacks area, the compact shelving is very tall and very long. Ladders and step-stools are necessary to reach the top two shelves. There will be a limit of two library users at any one time in the Kane Stacks, due to staffing and facilities constraints.

There is no public reading area in the Kane Stacks. Users will need to check out the material needed and take it to other places to read. The items you check out may be returned to the East Asia Library desk in Gowen or to any UW library unit (such as OUGL, Suzzallo, etc.).

Special exceptions for access to the Kane Hall stacks may be made for non-UW faculty and graduate students from other institutions. Ask the staff at the Information Desk.

If you have questions, please contact the East Asia Library Information Desk staff in person or by telephone at 543-4490, or e-mail at ealcirc@lib.washington.edu.