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UW Libraries - NetLibrary FAQ

NetLibrary titles are moving to EBSCOhost July 18! Current checkouts and any saved favorites or notes in your personal NetLibrary account WILL NOT be migrated when the platform changes. Please save any of this information that you would like to keep by July 16. View a preview of the new platform here. Contact the UW Libraries with any questions.

The University of Washington Libraries provides access to a collection of more than 5,000 electronic books (ebooks) through a partnership with NetLibrary.

There are other electronic books in the UW Libraries Catalog that are not part of the NetLibrary package. They do not require you to create a special account, and do not have the same access restrictions.

What is an ebook?

An ebook is an electronic version of a printed book. Ebooks available through the University of Washington Libraries can be viewed online from any computer with Web access. NetLibrary ebooks are subject to conditions described below in "How do I create an account?". You can preview NetLibrary ebooks for 15 minutes for quick reference.

Ebooks from other vendors, such as Safari, do not require a special account to be accessed. You can connect to these titles from the UW campus computing network or by using the UW Libraries proxy server.

What is NetLibrary and why do I need an account?

NetLibrary is one of the largest producers and hosts of electronic books. The University of Washington Libraries contracts with NetLibrary to provide access to these electronic books. Creating an account allows you to view e-books from off-campus without the proxy server and to use some personalized features such as notes and saving favorites.

How do I create an account?

You must first create an account in one of the UW Libraries by visiting the NetLibrary account creation page. You can also create an account from off-campus by going through the UW Libraries off-campus proxy server. After doing this, you may access UW Libraries ebooks from anywhere with a Web connection by using your account.

What do I need to view a NetLibrary ebook?

Information about technical requirements is available on the vendor's site.

Does it matter where I create my account?

Yes. You can only create an account on the UW campus computing network or by going through the off-campus connection and logging in with your UW NetID.

How do I check out an ebook and how long can I use it?

At the moment, UW NetLibrary books are not able to be checked out. We hope that this feature will may be available in the future.

As long as you are actively using the ebook, turning pages, etc., and no one else wants to use your book, the 15 minute previewing time can be extended. After 15 minutes of inactivity, you will be logged out of your session, and you'll have to log in again.

What does "Previewing" an eBook mean?

Ebooks are previewed in 15-minute intervals. You will be allowed an additional 15 minutes as long as someone else has not requested the ebook. You can preview an ebook without creating a NetLibrary account. To preview an ebook, locate the ebook you want to view. Click the ebook title to display the ebook information page. Click the "View This Book" link and . NetLibrary will display the ebook.

What is the difference between the Public Collection, Library Collection and Private Collection?

There are three types of ebook collections at NetLibrary - Library, Private, and Public. The Library Collection contains ebooks that the UW Libraries has purchased access to. The Public Collection contains public domain ebooks that are free to everybody. Titles in the Public Collection can be read without restriction. The Private Collection contains copyrighted ebooks that the library has not purchased. You cannot view books in the Private Collection.

Is there a list of titles in the UW Libraries ebook collection?

There is not a list of ebook titles, but you can search the UW Libraries Catalog for ebooks by limiting location ("WHERE Item is located") to "Electronic Resources" in a keyword search or using the "Limit/Sort" function after a Libraries Catalog search. You can also search from within NetLibrary for titles. Check with any librarian for more information.

Can I print an ebook?

You can print ebooks one page at a time. If you are printing a substantial part of a book you will receive a message alerting you to copyright restrictions.

Can I download an ebook?

Note: Only available in some libraries. In order to read eBooks offline, your library must have acquired an Adobe Content Server (ACS) Gateway License. This option is not currently available at UW. You can download some pages from your ebook by using your browser's "save" options.

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