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The Domestic Red Scare: It Didn't Start with McCarthy

"Communism is not a philosophy. It's an international conspiracy, a criminal conspiracy."-- Albert Canwell

In 1948 the Washington State Legislature's Un-American Activities Committee publicly attacked University of Washington faculty and staff, local artists and labor unions as communists. In the name of patriotism and public safety individual rights were suspended causing untold damage to many lives and careers. On the 50th anniversary of the hearings, THE ALL POWERS PROJECT will re-examine these events in a variety of public forums in order to understand and demonstrate their relevance to our time.

Highlighting the project is a play by University of Washington Drama Professor Mark Jenkins. Professor Jenkins exposes a forgotten, tumultuous chapter from that dark era in All Powers Necessary and Convenient, a multimedia epic drama premiering February 4 at the Playhouse Theatre in Seattle.

Additional events include a series of lectures sponsored by the UW History Department, Law School, University Libraries, Center for Labor Studies, and Provost's office. Edwin O. Guthman, the Seattle Times reporter who won a Pulitzer prize for his coverage of the hearings and ensuing damage, will be among the featured speakers on a panel of surviving participants. Nationally-known authors Ellen Schrecker (No Ivory Tower) and Richard M. Fried (Nightmare in Red and Men Against McCarthy) will each lecture on the anti-communist movement in America.

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