Shipscalers Mural

This mural was commissioned by the Shipscalers, Drydock and Miscellaneous Boatyard Workers Union, Local 541, for the Union Hall in Seattle in 1945. When their building was razed in 1955, the fresco was transferred to the University of Washington and put into storage. In 1975, at the suggestion of MECHA and El Centro de la Raza, the mural was restored, then reinstated in Kane Hall, University of Washington in 1977.

Abraham Lincoln is portrayed with a banner which reads, "Uniting all working people of all nations," while Franklin D. Roosevelt holds a document that includes the principles, "Freedom from want; freedom of religion; freedom of speech". In the other panel, workers gather together over their document: "Build a free world. No masters. No slaves. Workers of the world unite!"

Shipscalers Mural photographs taken and donated by Jo Nilsson.