Daily Report of Area A by Sammy Kaneko dated April 30, 1942 James Y. Sakamoto Papers. Box 10. Manuscripts and University Archives, UW Libraries.

Daily Report Area A - Apr 30

Apr 30 Returned lost child
May 1 Aided new entrees and baggage crew
May 2 Complaint of all night gambling by Mrs. Kakehashi A-1-93
Checked and warned by sec. 1 police
May 3 Complaint of loud radio on 9th Avenue
Taken care by Sec. 3 police.
May 4 Report of missing toilet papers by Tinky Yoshida.
Police made house to house check, recovered 4 rolls. All warned not to take papers home.
Extra patrol on restricted area and gateway.
May 5 Request by mess house to check on unreturned silver, plates and cups.
Police made house to house check, number of them returned immediately.

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