Emergency Defense Council of the Seattle Chapter of the Japanese American Citizens League, Box 18. Manuscripts and University Archives Division, UW Libraries.

Camp Headquarters

Chief Supervisor
James Y. Sakamoto
Coordinates activities of Staff Sections.
Chief Interpreter
William Hosokawa
Interpreter for Personnel Supervisor. Selects, appoints and trains interpreters. Coordinates their activities.

G-1 Section (Personnel)

Personnel Supervisor
George Ishihara
Controls and coordinates functioning of his section.
Asst. Chief Interpreter
Yone Arai
Interpreter for Personnel Supervisor.
Asst. Personnel Supervisor
Tom Kanno
General regulations and routine administration which especially concerns individuals; strength reports; casualty reports and station lists. Assignment, replacement, reception and evacuation or relocation of personnel. Honors and awards. Allocation of billeting areas. Administrative orders.
Personnel Officer
Taul Watanabe
Assistant to Personnel Supervisor. Handles detailed personnel matters not specifically assigned to other members of the staff such as individual records, strength reports, duty rosters, ration returns, pay rolls, etc.
Classification Officer
Dyke Miyagawa
Assistant to Personnel Supervisor. Maintains the classification file of evacuees with specific reference to occupational qualifications for duties within the camp and for assignment to relocation projects
Relocation Officer
Frank Miyamoto
Assistant to Personnel Supervisor. Handles all correspondence with reference to relocation. Maintains relocation records, charts, plots and maps. Coordinates with Classification Officer in the selection of evacuees for relocation. Keeps records of relocation progress.
Morale & Recreation Officer
Robert Hosokawa
Assistant to Personnel Supervisor. Devises, submits for approval and supervises all activities for the stimulation of morale. Coordinates activities of subordinate morale officers. Confers with Chief Chaplain and the Athletic Officer
Athletic Officer
Masaru Chick Uno
Assistant to Personnel Supervisor. Plans and supervises all athletic activities. Coordinates activities of subordinate athletic officers
Education Officer
Mrs. Merry Mimbu
Assistant to Personnel Supervisor. Supervises all education activities. Develops means for procuring correspondence courses. Selects and appoints teachers for such schools as may be held.
Postal Officer
George Okada
Assistant to Personnel Supervisor. Charged with the operation of the Camp Post Office

G-2 Section (Intelligence)

Information Supervisor
Jack Maki
Controls and coordinates the functioning of his section.
Assistant Chief Interpreter
Nobutaka Ike
Interpreter for Information Supervisor
Asst. Information Supervisor
Lillian Horiuchi
Collections information; interprets, evaluates and disseminates information. Operates an information service for the camp. Receives and conducts official visitors when appropriate. Secures, distributes and maintains a supply of maps, charts, diagrams and overlays.
Information Officer
Allen Arai
Assistant to Information Supervisor. Draftsman.
Publicity Officer
Dick Takeuchi
Prepares for approval rules for regulating the conduct of observers, cameramen and press correspondents. Organizes and supervises the publication of a camp newsletter or organ.

G-3 Section (Operations)

Operations Supervisor
Richard Setsuda
Controls and coordinates the functioning of his section.
Planning Officer
Yutaka Munekata
Draws up plans for:
  1. organization of evacuees into areas, sections, groups etc., as may be appropriate to the installations occupied, or to be occupied.
  2. labor projects or working parties within the camp,
  3. labor projects or working parties outside the camp when, as and if directed,
  4. movement of evacuees to relocation areas, when appropriate,
  5. work schedules,
  6. new projects.
Operations Officer
Toru Araki
Draws up the orders for approved plans.

G-4 Section (Supply)

Supply Supervisor
Frank Okamura
Controls and coordinates the functioning of his section.
George Shunji Kashiwagi
Administrative orders and instructions relative to supply. Property responsibility and accountability. Funds. Procurement, storage and distribution of all supplies except food. Continuous study of the supply situation so as to meet changes with adequate arrangements.
Utilities Officer
Sam Taniguchi
Maintenance and repair of utilities, shelter or other facilities.
Salvage Officer
Dick Nomura
Salvage and waste disposal.
Commissary Officer
Yosh Takayoshi
Procurement and distribution of food. Supervises the operation of the Sales Commissary and the rations distributing point (or assists if under Army management).
Transportation Officer
Yuki Kono
Operation of motor pool including dispatching, refueling, maintenance and repair of camp motor vehicles. Recommends to the Chief of Interior Police regulations for interior circulation of traffic.

Special Staff

Headquarters Commandant
Julius Fujihira
Procures and installs for the staff all office equipment and office supplies. Keeps on file a reserve pool of stenographic and clerical personnel. Provides personnel to keep offices clean and in order.
Chief of Police
Sanetomo Kaneko
Interior police duties.
Chief Fire Marshal
Kaz Tamura
Prepares plans for fire prevention and control. Supervises and regulates all fire fighting equipment and fire alarm systems. Eliminates fire hazards. Issues safety regulations. Provides for evacuations in case of fire. Coordinates activities of area battalion and fire wardens or deputy fire marshals.
Inspector General
George Inato
Makes inspections into money accounts and property accounts. Investigates cases of moral turpitude, accidents, criminal activities, etc.
Judge Advocate
Clarence Arai
Consults with individuals and provides legal advice in unfinished legal matters. Supervises subordinated Judge Advocates. Provides necessary means of initiating required legal procedure. Sets up and presides over local court to settle small, individual local grievances.
Communications Officer
Hiram Akita
Supervises and maintains message center, messengers, guides, ushers, etc.
Kenji Naito
Responsible for: Payment of personnel; auditing of property accounts; custody of financial records.
Chief Surgeon
Masako Takayoshi
Supervises operation of hospital, and activities of area surgeons. Sets up and supervises Area Aid Stations; Maintains rigid sanitary inspections; advises Camp Commander on all matters pertaining to health and sanitation.
Tom Kobayashi
Advises in all religious and moral activities; supervises and conducts religious and funeral services; supervises work of subordinate chaplains; provides for spiritual welfare and ministrations to sick and depressed.

6 January 1997