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Camp Harmony News-Letter

The Camp Harmony News-Letter was first issued on May 5, 1942, just days after the opening of the Puyallup Assembly Center and ended with a souvenir edition on August 14, 1942. The newsletter originally began as the community paper of Area A but expanded with issue 4 to cover the entire camp.

The newsletter covered WRA and WCCA announcements, camp recreational and sporting events, births and other community news. Issues ranged from two to five pages long. Throughout its history, the newsletter suffered from periodic paper shortages.


The issues provided here are from the James Y. Sakamoto papers and from a microfilmed copy, Japanese Relocation Camp Papers World War II, Microform and Newspaper Collections, UW Libraries, uncat No. 316.

Minor spelling corrections have been made but otherwise the original text is complete. Any comments or notes included by the HTML inputter are bracketed and italicized.

Volume 1, Number 1. May 5, 1942
Volume 1, Number 2. May 7, 1942
Volume 1, Number 3. May 14, 1942
Volume 1, Number 4. May 23, 1942
Volume 1, Number 5. June 2, 1942
Volume 1, Number 6. June 12, 1942
Volume 1, Number 7. June 17, 1942
Volume 1, Number 8. June 25, 1942
Volume 1, Number 9. July 10, 1942
Volume 1, Number 10. July 18,1942
Volume 1, Number 11. August 1, 1942
Volume 1, Number 12. August 14, 1942

The staff of the Camp Harmony News-Letter as listed in the final issue:

Editorial Staff:
Bill Hosokawa, Dick Takeuchi, Daiki Miyagawa, Taka Oka, Kenji Tani, George Minato, Makiko Takahashi, Hanako Okamoto, Gertrude Takayama, Ruth Yoshimoto, Tadako Tamura, Tamako Inouye.

Art Staff:
Keith Oka, Sho Kaneko, Hisashi Hirai, Ed Tsutakawa, Moe Naito, Eddie Sato.

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20 March 1997

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