Letter from Ruth Forsythe to Robert O'Brien dated August 27, 1942. Correspondence Series, 2/7 Ernest H. Wilkins, Box 58, Nisei folder, Oberlin College Archives.

August 27, 1942

Mr. Robert W. O'Brien,
Assistant to the Dean,
University of Washington,
Seattle, Washington.

Dear Mr. O'Brien:

I am today sending a letter such as you requested to Miss King. Mr. Comings is very ill in Allen Hospital, but Professor McCullough, Vice-Chairman of the Village Council, has written the letter for him.

I think there is really nothing to fear in this matter. There are, I hear, a few individual townspeople objecting to the admission of these students, but they have not taken the time or the trouble to check the facts as to the number accepted by the College. The City Manager's Office has been kept fully informed.

Sincerely yours,

Secretary to the President