September 20, 2017

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Martin Gardner in the twenty-first century / Michael Henle, Brian Hopkins

Mathematical Association of America, 2012

QA95 .M364 2012


Group theory and its application to physical problems / Morton Hamermesh

Addison-Wesley, 1962

QA171 .H28


Exterior algebras : elementary tribute to Grassman's ideas / Vincent Pavan

ISTE Press, 2017

QA205 .P38 2017


Quantum cluster algebra structures on quantum nilpotent algebras / K. R. Goodearl, M. T. Yakimov

American Mathematical Society, 2016

QA251.3 .G66 2017


Simple Lie algebras over fields of positive characteristic / Helmut Strade

Walter de Gruyter, 2017

QA252.3 .S78 2017



Simple Lie algebras over fields of positive characteristic / Helmut Strade

Walter de Gruyter, 2017

QA252.3 .S78 2017



Limits of computation : an introduction to the undecidable and the intractable / Edna E. Reiter, Clayton Matthew Johnson

CRC Press, 2013

QA267.7 .R445 2013


Information theory : coding theorems for discrete memoryless systems / Imre Csiszár, János Körner

Cambridge University Press 2011

QA268 .C79 2011


Intersection local times, loop soups and permanental Wick powers / Yves Le Jan, Michael B. Marcus, Jay Rosen

American Mathematical Society, 2017

QA274.4 .L4 2017

Fluctuations in Markov processes : time symmetry and martingale approximation / Tomasz Komorowski, Claudio Landim, Stefano Olla

Springer, 2012

QA274.7 .K658 2012


Fundamentals of queuing systems : statistical methods for analyzing queuing models / by Nick T. Thomopoulos

Springer, 2012

QA274.8 .T46 2012


Filtering complex turbulent systems / Andrew J. Majda, John Harlim

Cambridge University Press 2012

QA297 .M328 2012


Interval analysis : and automatic result verification / Günter Mayer

De Gruyter, 2017

QA297.75 .M39 2017


Explorations in complex analysis / Michael A. Brilleslyper

Mathematical Association of America, 2012

QA300 .E975 2012


An introduction to complex analysis / O. Carruth McGehee

John Wiley, 2000

QA300 .M275 2000

Semicrossed products of operator algebras by semigroups / Kenneth R. Davidson, Adam H. Fuller, Evgenios T.A. Kakariadis

American Mathematical Society, 2017

QA326 .D3757 2017


Asymptotic solutions of strongly nonlinear systems of differential equations / Valery V. Kozlov, Stanislav D. Furta

Springer, 2013

QA372 .K6913 2013


Combinatorial optimization : algorithms and complexity / Christos H. Papadimitriou, Kenneth Steiglitz

Prentice Hall, 1982

QA402.5 .P367 1982


Real algebraic geometry / Vladimir I. Arnold, Gerald G. Gould, David Kramer

Springer, 2013

QA564 .A7613 2013


Homology of normal chains and cohomology of charges / Th. De Pauw, R.M. Hardt, W.F. Pfeffer

American Mathematical Society, 2017

QA612.3 .D47 2017


Space-filling curves : an introduction with applications in scientific computing / Michael Bader

Springer, 2013

QA643 .B33 2013

Minkowski space : the spacetime of special relativity / Joachim Schröter, Christian Pfeifer

De Gruyter, 2017

QA685 .S37 2017


The mathematics of superoscillations / Yakir Aharonov

American Mathematical Society, 2017

QA865 .M38 2017


Direct and inverse scattering at fixed energy for massless charged Dirac fields by Kerr-Newman-de Sitter black holes / Thierry Daudé, François Nicoleau

American Mathematical Society, 2017

QB843.B55 D38 2017

Topologically protected states in one-dimensional systems / C.L. Fefferman, J.P. Lee-Thorp, M.I. Weinstein

American Mathematical Society, 2017

QC174.17.S3 F44 2017


Studies in phase space analysis with applications to PDEs / Massimo Cicognani, Ferruccio Colombini, Daniele Del Santo

Birkhäuser, 2013

QC174.85.P48 S78 2013


Fundamentals of geophysical hydrodynamics / Felix V. Dolzhansky, Boris Khesin

Springer, 2013

QC809.F5 D6513 2013


Modeling with stochastic programming / Alan J. King, Stein W. Wallace

Springer, 2012

T57.79 .K56 2012



Annals of mathematics

QA1 .A6

ser.2 v.186 no.2 2017 Sept.


Hiroshima mathematical journal

QA1 .H57

v.47 no.2 2017 July


Mathematica bohemica

QA1 .C39

v.142 no.2 2017


Notices of the American Mathematical Society

QA1 .N6

v.64 no.8 2017 Sept.


Romanian journal of pure and applied mathematics

QA1 .R445

v.62 no.1 2017