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The Arcade's iMacs are the fastest computers in Suzzallo-Allen Library. They are designed for audio and video editing and creation, but they also have MS Office and a variety of other productivity software. Computer stations delete files on logout, so make sure to save your data to your own drive when you are done.

A/V Capture Tools

Blackmagic Media Express
Companion software for Blackmagic Intensity hardware for recording video from analog sources.  Allows the most flexibility in quality and format for digitization. Blackmagic Desktop Video Help (pdf)

Elgato Video Capture
Companion software for Elgato hardware for digitizing analog video and audio sources. Elgato Help (pdf)

Capture audio from computer programs such as web browsers, Quicktime or Skype. Piezo Help (pdf)

EZ Vinyl Converter
Companion software for the ION EZ Vinyl/Tape converter for digitizing records and cassettes. EZ Vinyl Converter Help (pdf)

A/V Converters

Convert media files into a variety of modern file formats. Supports de-interlacing and cropping. HandBrake Help

Create high-quality audio files from CDs or digital sources. Supports error correction for ripping from CDs and can generate audio files in over twenty formats. Max Help Forum

Miro Video Converter
Convert video files into optimal formats and sizes for a variety of mobile devices.  Supports Android and iOS devices.

MPEG StreamClip
Open, edit and convert a variety of media file formats. Supports full screen viewing and previews of conversions and exporting at professional quality levels. MPEG StreamClip Help (pdf)

Audio Tools

Ableton Live 9 Suite
Digital music sequencer and audio production workstation that interfaces with the Ableton hardware.

Audio editor and recorder that supports multi-track mixing along with a wide range of plug-ins. Import/export a variety of audio formats as well as record from a microphone or other peripheral. Audacity Help

BWF MetaEdit
Embed metadata in Broadcast Wave files. Developed by the Federal Agencies Digitization Guidelines Initiative (FADGI). BWF MetaEdit Help

Logic Pro X
Apple's digital audio workstation app for recording, creating and editing audio. Provides software instruments as well as Apple Loops instrument samples and musical scoring and notation. Logic Pro X Help (pdf)

DJ platform that supports audio import/export, beat matching and sampling among many other features. Mixxx Help (pdf)

Pro Tools
Digital audio workstation for music and audio production.  
NOTE: an ilock USB device must be checked out at the Media Arcade desk in order to use this. Ask if you have questions!

Digital audio workstation that emulates a physical rack of equipment such as samplers, mixers, synthesizers and effects pedals.

Sibelius 7.5
Music notation program that supports both composition and playback using an extensive sample library. Currently only available on iMac 6.

Virtual ANS
Software simulator of the ANS synthesizer, a  photoelectronic microtonal/spectral musical instrument developed in Russia. Allows drawings and pictures to be converted into audio sounds. Virtual ANS Help, Virtual ANS Tutorial Videos

Video Tools

3D animation program that supports modeling, rigging, animation, sumulation, rendering, motion tracking and video editing. Blender Help

Apple's companion encoding program for Final Cut Pro. Create custom encoding settings for Final Cut projects. Compressor Help

Final Cut Pro X
Apple's advanced video editing application. Has wide functionality and an easy to use interface. Final Cut Pro X Help (pdf)

Create stop motion animations. Take pictures in sequence with a webcam, adjust frame rates and export files.

Apple's basic video editing software. iMovie Help (pdf)

Analyze digital movie files frame by frame and help to locate issues with digitization. Has different view modes for comparison of video characteristics.

Quicktime Player 7 Pro & Quicktime X
View, encode and create media. Capable of playback as well as video/audio and screen capture. Quicktime Help

Media player capable of playing an extremely wide range of video formats. Also can be used as a region free DVD player to view DVDs of all region codes. VLC Help


FTP client.  Cyberduck Help (pdf)

Video chat/voice over IP for use with Apple computers and devices.

Photo management to import and sort digital photos from a camera. iPhoto Help

Microsoft Office
Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook

Graphics editor capable of multiple layer image creation. Seashore Help (pdf)