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About the UW Music Library

About the Music Library

The Music Library contains over 70,000 books and scores, 46,000 recordings and other media including video tapes and computer software, and current subscriptions to approximately 300 periodicals. Subjects covered include acoustics and physics of music, ethnomusicology, jazz, music education, and the history, literature, theory and performance of music.

Arrangement of Materials

Dewey Decimal scores and Library of Congress scores and books with call numbers through ML 299 are shelved in open stacks on the first floor. Library of Congress numbers ML 300 through Z, oversize materials, and periodicals are located on the ground floor. Periodicals are shelved in alphabetical order by title.

Food and Drink Policy

The Music Library allows covered drinks and small snacks for consumption in the library. Full meals, aromatic foods, and uncovered beverages are prohibited from the library.