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Music Course Reserves Information for Faculty and TAs

Changes are coming to eres beginning summer quarter 2015!

  • The Libraries will no longer scan and host or post articles for reserves. You will need to request articles from UW owned journals or book chapters be scanned using our interlibrary loan form
  • For more information on these changes, please see our FAQ

General Information

    Reserve Request Forms:

    Physical materials & Electronic Articles
    (books, scores, CDs, VHS, etc.), please fill out the Reserve Request Form
    Streaming audio requests (have your CD streamed, link to audio in a streaming audio database, etc.), please fill out the Streaming Audio Request Form
    Streaming video requests, please fill out the Streaming Video Request Form

  • Requests should be submitted using the form above at least five weeks prior to point of need for streaming audio and video reserves and two weeks prior to point of need for print and electronic to allow sufficient time for processing, including time to recall items which are checked-out.  Please see the Media Center's website for specific information regard streaming request deadlines.  Please fill out the Reserve Request Form to provide your course information (top section - course name and number, SLN, etc.) at the beginning of the quarter even if you do not plan to request any materials be placed on reserve until later in the quarter. This will expedite processing as you add items mid-quarter. Additions to your list may be made throughout the quarter by emailing musiclib@uw.edu or contacting reserve processing staff at the Music Library.

  • Music-Major Courses: Instructors may place music major course-related material on reserve in the Music Library and Listening Center to facilitate access to the material for their students.

  • Non Music-Major Courses: Non Music-Major reserve requests should be addressed to the Odegaard Undergraduate Library (543-2900) or the Media Center (543-6051).

  • Loan period: Reserve materials in the Music Library circulate for 2 hours, with the option of overnight check-out allowed on some materials. Media Materials on reserve in the Listening Center are only for In-Library Use.

  • Reserve fines apply to all users, including faculty. We will gladly extend reserve loan periods to faculty upon request. Please let us know if you will need an extended loan when you are checking out your reserve materials.

  • Acquiring new material for Reserves: If an item is not owned by the Libraries, we may be able to purchase a copy. While Reserve orders are RUSH processed (typically at 1.5 times the price), they may still take several weeks to arrive and be available for use. Please email us at musiclib@uw.edu with any inquiries.

  • Copyright: When using Ereserves, faculty members are responsible for obtaining appropriate copyright permissions. To consider your options regarding reserves and the use of copyrighted material please read the Instructor's Guide to Reserves, Ereserves and Course Paks - Frequently Asked Questions. Course Packs are best for longer readings or repeated use of copyrighted materials.

Physical Reserves (Print & Media Materials)

  • UW Library Books and Scores: All books requested for reserves will be shelved in the Music Library Upstairs Reserve shelves. Scores that accompany reserve recordings should be placed on reserve in the Music Library Listening Center. Library Use Only materials (journal volumes, volumes from Collected Works editions and Monuments, etc.) will be added to your course list online, but will remain in the stacks and will not be placed on the reserve shelf.

  • UW Library Media Materials: Requests for videos, sound recordings, and accompanying scores should be made using the same form as other reserves. Media materials are placed on reserve in the Listening Center.

  • Personal copies: Personally owned copies of books, scores, recordings, videos, journals or photocopies (within copyright compliance) may be placed on reserve at the owner's risk.

Electronic Reserves (E-Reserves)

Place selected journal articles, audio files, book chapters, class notes, past exams, and homework solutions online for easy student access. A UW NetID is required to access electronic reserve readings and streaming audio.

  • Streaming Audio Reserves: The streaming audio operation is centralized in the Media Center, located on the 3rd floor of Suzzallo Library. Please submit information about these titles via the streaming audio form or streaming video form and deliver any personal copies to the Media Center. Personal copies may also be sent via campus mail: Media Center, Heather Spence, BOX 352900. For more information on the Media Center's streaming reserves policies or for helpful hints to access reserves, please visit their site.

  • Book Chapters and Journal Articles: Scanned materials are limited to one chapter or article from any given source, and are not to exceed 10% of the total printed volume. Please provide high-quality, 8 1/2" x 11", one-sided copies. Documents already in electronic formats (.PDF or .DOC) may also be submitted via email to musiclib@uw.edu or on CD-ROM.

  • UW Libraries Subscription Databases: The UW Libraries subscribes to online databases that provide the full text of articles in hundreds of journals and newspapers. Reserves staff will work with you to determine where articles are already available online and create links in the Ereserves system.

  • Self Managing Ereserves: Please submit a Reserve Form to Library Staff in order for your Course, Instructor, and TA accounts to be set up before you begin adding items to your Eres page. Please see this tutorial or contact us if you encounter technical issues while using Ereserves or need assistance adding materials.

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