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U Lu Pe Win (1900 - 1982)

 Sayagyi U Lu Pe Win was born in 20 June 1900 (Thursday) in Pabedan quarter, Mawlamyaing Town. His parents are U Yan Win and Daw Mi Mi. They are Mon race and his father is the first person of who opened the Buddhist English Burmese School in Mawlamyaing. His original name is Lu Pe and last name "Win" is honour to his father name.  In 1906 his father was dead and his family transferred to Thaton and stayed with his grandfather lawyer U Shwe Aoe. He studied in Thaton High School and passed the nine standard and then continuous education in Mawlamyaing state High School. He passed High School examination from this school. In 1st June 1917 he first studied in Rangoon College. When he attended in B.A  class, specialized on Pali honous and that year Rangoon College students boycott the British Government. He left Rangoon College and in that year he organized the Ingapu National High School. He passed the B.A Examination held in August 1921 from National College. He got B.A from National College passed with first grade specialized on Pali. At this year he became Pali Lecturer in National College. In 1923 he attended the Yangon University and in 1924 he got B.A degree, passed with distinctions in Pali, Chemistry and English. In  1924 May – October he worked as clerk in Rangoon High court and Rangoon High School teacher. From 1925 – 1936 nearly 11 years, he worked as Lecturer in Rangoon University, Dept. of Oriental Studies. In 1928 he sat the Calcutta University Examination for M.A., Pali Language and passed with distinctions and first grade, he got gold metal. In 1936 he worked as Director in Dept. of Inscriptions, Dept. of Archaeology. An this year he married with Daw Kyi Kyi daughter of U Pho Latt and Daw Aye Khin. During the World War II he worked as Chief editor in Mandalay Aung Si Newspaper. He maintained many precious antiquities from Mandalay to Bagan Anawrahta Library. In 1948 he worked as Vice President in the whole Mandalay Buddhist Association. Samely he assigned duty as President for the "Mandalay Foreign Mission". He got "Thripyanchi" award in 1949. In 1956, he attended the UNESCO conference delegation of the Yangon University Senate member and Dept. of Archaeology, read paper in that conference. In August 1957 Sayagyi U Lu Pe Win retired from the Dept. of Archaeology. From 1958 to 1963 he opened "U Lu Pe Win Private School" and worked as principal. His school teaches 1st standard to higher standard. In 1969 he assigned duty for the President of  National Day Golden Jubilee. His other social work is patron of "Mon Literature and Culture Committee Yangon" In 1980 Government honoured him for 1st grade "Naingnan Gonyi" award. Sayagyi was dead in 31 May 1982, he had two daughters left Dr. Khin Mya Win and Daw Tin Tin Win.

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