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U Pe Maung Tin ( 1888 – 1973 )

U Pe Maung Tin was born in 24 April 1888 in Pauktaw quarter, Insein town. His parents are U Pe and Daw Myaing. His father is a Superintendent of Insein vetenary Department. His Childhood name is Maung Ba Tin in 1891. He is an outstanding student in Middle School. He got scholarship for 7th Standard and in 9th Standard he got first prize for "Renoun Prize". In 1906 he got first prize for English Essay writing competition held from SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals). In 1907 he attended Inter-class and got first prize for "Jadine Prize" for Christian Student and then he got "Datt Scholarship" prize, this prize was awarded from Calcutta University. He got B.A, Pali honous degree in 1909. In 1911 Sayagyi got M.A. degree specialized in Pali. At that year he wrote the first article "Missionary Burmese" in Journal of Burma Research Society Vol.1, Part.1. He use pan-name Maung Tin (B.A). In 1912 he became Pali Professor in Rangoon College. He is the first Myanmar professor, who appointed for Rangoon College. At the same time he became Librarian in "Bernard Free Library". In this year he published the books "Dipavamasa" and " Khuddaka Patha". He worked editor in JBRS. In 1915 he published "Milinda Pinna" in English. In 1918 he published "A Pali Reader". From 1920 – 1922 he went to Oxford University for attended for the "Bachelor of Literature" and got " B. Lit" degree and submitted the "The Path of Purity Part I". He changed his name Maung Tin to Pe Maung Tin in 1924 at that year he became Departmental Head in Dept. of Oriental Studies. He assigned duty in Editor and Librarian of JBRS accompany with professor G.H. Luce. He wrote Burmese Reader. In 9 June 1928 he married with Ma Kyi Kyi (Edith) daughter of U Pho Dan and Daw Mya Gyi in Thayarwady Town Anglican Church. In 1930, he became Vice President in Burma Research Society. He translated "Visuddi Megga Text" in 1931 and the King of Thailand awarded £1000 for this text, he donated all of them to London Pali Text Society. 19 June 1937 Sayagyi became a principal in Yangon University. He published "History of Burmese Literature" in 1938. He retired in 1946 at the age of 58 years, but he worked as Emeritus professor in Dept. of Oriental studies. He gave lecture of Buddhism in Chicago University at 1957. He attended Asia Christian Council Conference held in Kulalumpu in 1999 and that year he went to China for delegation with U Chit Kaung, Minister of Culture. From 1960 – 64 he assigned duty as Chairman of the Burma Historical Commission. At this year he edited and published "Cambudipa u saung kyan", Joint with J.S. Furnivall. In May 1961 University authorities appointed Sayagyi as Emeritus Professor in Dept. of Myanmar, Yangon University. He published his research articles "The Burmese Novels and other articles" from Sein Pan Myaing Sarpay. In 1971 – 73 he published English translation works of "Visuddi Megga and Dhamasaga and Annatalakhana Sutta". Sayagyi was died in 22 March 1973. He is a Myanmar famous writer and honourable person for Yangon University and Myanmar, so his students and London Pali Text Society held his 110th Birthday for paper reading Conference in 1998 at Myanmar Christian Association, 78th Anniversary of Yangon University and in London.

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