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Saya Zawgyi (U Thein Han) (1907 - 1990)

Saya Zawgyi was born in 12 April 1907 in Phapone Town, Ayeyawaddy Division. His parents are U Yaw and Daw Sein Nyunt. He is the eldest son of nine brothers and sisters. His original name is U Thein Han. In 1912 – 19 he studied Primary, Secondary education in Phapone state High School and he passed 11th Standard from Myoma National High School. He got Thitsawardi prize (5 Golden Coins) from Thitsawardi Newspaper printing House for " Sittathukha Linker" translated from the English poet Henry Wotten's "The Character of a happy life".  In 1915 – 26 he passed Intermediate class from Yangon University, passed with credit in Myanmar language. He got "Tha Dou Aung" prize. Saya Zawgyi wrote Khetsan poetry "Patauk flower". This poetry was first published in Hantha Kyemon Sar-saung. Saya got B.A degree from Yangon University in 1929, specialized on Myanmar Literature, oriental and Fareast history. He worked tutor in Dept. of Myanmar, Yangon University. In 1931 – 34 Saya  worked as High School teacher in Myoma National School. He got M.A degree from Yangon University in 1936. The year 1936 – 38 Saya worked in Mandalay College as Myanmar Language tutor. In 1938 – 40 Saya Zawgyi went to England and studied in London University and Dublin University for Diploma of Library Science. In 1941 Saya Zawgyi became Librarian in Yangon University. At that year he married with Myoma High School teacher Daw Saw Yin (B.A., B.Ed.). During the world War II Saya worked as Deputy General (Literary and Library Division) in Ministry of Education. After the World War II he worked as Librarian in Yangon University. In 1947 – 48 Saya worked as special officer in Legislation Council and Election office. In 1948 Saya got "Wanakyawhtin" award. In 1950 – 52 Saya Zawgyi went abroad for delegation to Indonesia, England, U.S.A, Mexico and Canada. In 1951 – 57 he worked as Director for Textbook Committee, Ministry of Education. In 1955 Saya Zaw got "Sarpay Beikman Literary Miscellany"  prize for "Thakhin Kodaw Mhain Dhikar" he worked as Chairman in Myanmar Historical Commission in 1959. In 1961 Saya worked as Emeritus Professor in Dept. of Myanmar, Yangon University. Government awarded for "Thiripranchi" metal. Saya worked as president in Technical Terms Committee, National Literary Award Selection Committee. He retired from Librarian of Universities Central Library in 1967. After retired this post Saya assigned duty as Education Special Officer (1), President of the Burma Research Society and Advisor in Myanmar Historical Commission. In 1976 he went to India with U Khin Zaw (K), He read the Ramayana paper. In 1979 Saya got National Literary (Translation Ratha Sarpay) prize for "Ninlarhai Chit duka and other short stories". Another National Literary award was received in 1987, for "Ancient Bagan Poem and other Poems". Saya Zawgyi passed away from his family his colleagues and his students in 26 September (Wednesday) 1990. Saya left Sayamagyi Daw Saw Yin and his three daughters, Dr. Khin Myo Han, Dr. Khin Hla Han and Dr. Khin Ohn Han. His family his students and his colleagues organized the "Zawgyi prize" and "Ganhtalawka Thingaha prize" Committee for award the outstanding students from the Diploma of Library and Information studies and Master student from Dept. of Myanmar. Five outstanding students awarded these prizes.

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