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UW Libraries Search (beta) - FAQ

What is UW Libraries Search (beta)?

  • UW Libraries Search (beta) is the search tool for discovering materials in the UW Libraries and Summit Libraries’ collections.  It mirrors UW WorldCat in many ways in that it includes books, articles and more through a simple search box, allowing you to filter your search results in a number of ways based on your needs.


    What are some new features of the search system?

    • “Permalinks” that provide stable URLs that you can save or share.
    • Location filters that allow you to narrow your results to items in a particular building, such as Odegaard Undergraduate Library or the Music Library.
    • View only those items that are currently available, rather than items that are already checked out.


    Does UW Libraries Search (beta) work with citation management tools?

    • Yes.  You will be able to export results to various tools, although things may work a little differently than in UW WorldCat.  More information will be forthcoming as this functionality develops. See more information on Citations in UW Libraries Search (beta).


      Where can I find tips and online help?


      Where can I submit my questions or comments?

      • Send feedback and questions via our Ask Us services email form.  We are committed to providing the same excellent service throughout the implementation, so please feel free to contact us with any questions you have along the way.