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Problems & Tips

Changes to UW Libraries Search (17 July 2013)


Based on user feedback we are temporarily adjusting the behavior of the new UW Libraries Search system. Your initial search is now limited to UW Libraries and Summit materials only, and does not include articles.  To broaden your search to include those materials, select the "Articles, Books, and More" option from the pull-down to the right of the search box (see image below), and re-execute your search.

We hope to re-integrate articles and other online content in the search results before the start of Fall quarter, but more configuration testing is necessary before we make that change.

Thank you for your patience as we implement this new system.

Other issues or questions? Ask us!

Difficulty finding specific journal/database titles

The UW Libraries Search has a known issue with finding specific UW-restricted resources.

It is sometimes a challenge to find a specific journal or database titles in the UW Libraries Search system. Here are a few tips to help you find what you need:

  • For journal titles, use the facets on the left side of the screen to refine by Resource Type = journals
  • For both journals and databases, select the option to Show Only "Full Text Online"
  • Another option is to use the Articles & Research Databases and E-Journals lists from the Libraries' home page. If you're off-campus, don't forget to click the "off-campus access" button in the upper right corner of the page to start the proxy server. The same E-journals list is available at the top of every page in the UW Libraries Search system and is labeled E-journals A-Z.


This problem has been reported to the vendor and we hope to improve the system's behavior soon.

Access to items in WorldCat

  • WorldCat items are available in the UW Libraries Search, but you must select the "WorldCat (login required)" scope (pull-down to the right of the search box) in order to see them. Links to borrow these items should be presented on the WorldCat record.
  • Access to WorldCat items should be folded into the default "Articles, Books, and More" search by the end of July.


Citing sources found in UW Libraries Search

  • The ability to easily get a formatted citation is not currently possible in this system. We have requested that the vendor develop this functionality.
  • TIP: You can still get citations by re-executing your search in WorldCat and using the citation style functionality there.


Citation Management

There are a few known issues with using the new UW Libraries search and citation management systems, such as EndNote Web, RefWorks, Zotero, and Mendeley.  See the Citations and Writing Guide for more information and tips.

    Other issues or questions? Ask us!