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Active Learning Classrooms (ALC)

Event reservations accepted. See Odegaard Library's hours of operation.

OUGL 136 and 141


Location Odegaard Undergraduate Library - First Floor
Capacity ALC 141: 63 (7 tables, 9 seats/table), ALC 136: 90 (10 tables, 9 seats/table)
  • Floor Layout and Tech Features for ALC 136
  • Floor Layout and Tech Features for ALC 141
Schedule a Course

To schedule a course for Spring Quarter 2016 or later, please contact your department's Time Schedule Coordinator to request the ALC in Time Schedule Construction. For inquiries about availability in Winter Quarter 2016, please contact ougl@uw.edu.

View room availability, ALC 136 | ALC 141

Schedule an Event To schedule an event in an Active Learning Classroom, complete the ALC Event Request form. Please note that Time Schedule courses have priority and that events will be scheduled after courses. Confirmation of your event's booking may be delayed during course scheduling periods.
Cancellations Requests to cancel your event must be submitted in writing. Once the reservation is confirmed, cancellation fee is assessed: ·8 - 30 Days Prior to Event: 50% of Estimated Room Rental
·0 – 7 Days Prior to Event: 100% of Estimated Room Rental
Orientation An orientation is required for use of the room. If you indicate on your request that you have not used these rooms, you will be contacted by Odegaard Library Administration to schedule an orientation.
Contact Odegaard Library Administration
ougl@uw.edu - (206) 685-3752
Classroom Help
206-543-9900 or email: help@uw.edu
- ALC First-year Assessment Report
- Orientation, Best Practices, Support
- Odegaard Library Resources
- Tablets for ALC use
- STF Laptop Checkout
Additional Information -When not being used as a classroom the space is available for student individual or group work.
-Food is not permitted in the room - covered beverages are permitted.