Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Will instructor orientation on the ALC technologies be available?

    Yes, instructors can schedule an in-person orientation prior to their class session by contacting Classroom Technologies and Events (CTE), or by contacting

  2. Will technical support be available to help instructors during their courses?

    Yes, Library and Learning Technologies staff are available for general technical operational support and CTE technical professional staff are available to respond to major equipment/ technical difficulties, including issues with installed software.  Report issues to the 1st floor service desk or email

  3. Is there technical support for students who are using their laptops or portable devices?

    Yes, the Computer Vet managed by Learning Technologies is located at the 2nd floor service desk.

  4. Are there Whiteboards in the ALC?

    Rather than traditional chalkboards or whiteboards each ALC space has translucent glass panels for instructors and students to use. Each student table will have a panel close to their table. Panels are also available around the edge of each classroom.

  5. Is videoconferencing available?

    Yes, but it may require additional setup and support.  Contact

  6. Is it possible to reserve both ALC for one class?

    Yes, the combined ALC may be reserved for one class and linked together.

  7. Will the ALC have "SmartBoard" or other similar capture technology

    As currently built, "SmartBoards" (or similar) are not included in our active learning classrooms. A low-tech solution using cell-phone and/or tablet cameras may work for instructors and students.

  8. It is time-intensive for instructors to convert course materials and pedagogy to support active learning when there are only two Active Learning Classrooms on campus. Is there a guarantee that my course will be able to use the ALC if I take the time to convert my course?

    The University is aware that two ALC are insufficient for a campus of our size and, funding permitted, additional active learning classrooms will be constructed on the Seattle campus. Currently, it is not possible to guarantee any instructor or course will be always be assigned to an ALC.

  9. Some students don't have laptops or don't want to bring them to campus; are there laptops available for students to use?

    Yes, CTE has a laptop checkout program located in Kane Hall. There are several laptops available on a first-come, first-served basis available to students for checkout.

  10. Will instructors be able to use wireless tablets in the ALC?

    The technology in the ALC has wireless Ethernet for anyone to use.  However, wireless connectivity for a tablet or similar device to the display devices in the ALC is not supported at this time. For a more in-depth exploration of this question, please contact CTE at

  11. What if we experience problems accessing the wireless network?

    Report any difficulty accessing the wireless network to a service desk. There are data ports for wired connectivity under the data diner booths and along the perimeter of the ALC available for use.

  12. Are the microphones in the ACL designed to talk with individual tables?

    Not exactly, the PA system in the room is intended to ensure that the students can hear what is being said by the instructor and, of course, so that the other students and instructor can hear what is being said by individual student(s), or student teams or tables. It is not a private two-way communication system between an instructor and a table of students.