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Ioanna Giannoulas-Papanicolaou, A Journey in Two Cultures

Ioanna Giannoulas-Papanicolaou, A Journey in Two Cultures
October 25 - December 24, 2005

Opening Reception:  Tuesday, October 25, 7 - 9pm

first floor entrance, north, and west display areas
second and third floor display areas

Who is this mysterious man with the very strange name???..... The world may never know.

Artist's Biography

Selected Exhibit Images
- First Floor Entrance: Image1

- First Floor: Image2Image3

- First Floor West: Image4

- Second Floor:  Image5Image6 |Image5

- Third Floor: Image7Image8

The following lectures will be held in Odegaard Room 220 during the course of the exhibit.

  • October 25, , 7-8pm,Penelope Lucas, Art Consultant-Lecturer, Pacific Lutheran University, "How to View Art."
    Professor Carol Thomas, Chair of Hellenic Studies, University of Washington, "Legendary Roots of Greek Art."
  • November 14, 7-8pm, Prof. Lawrence Bliquez, Classics Department, University of Washington, "The Human Figure in Ancient Greek Art."
  • November 21, Dr. Theo Antikas, Lecturer at the University of Thessaloniki, "Centaurs."
  • Dec. 7, 7-8pm, Dr. Heracles S. Panagiotides, Director, Autism EEG Laboratory, Psychology UW, "Living Icons, Greek virtues."
  • Dec. 14, 7-8pm, Dr. Iphigenia Mavromichali, "Kavafis Ithaca."

Additional information:  Hellenic Studies Program.