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Celebrate 350, Jewish Life in America 1654-2004

Celebrate 350, Jewish Life in America 1654-2004

Odegaard Undergradute Library and Computing Commons
January 3 - February 28, 2005
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September 2004, marks 350 years from the landing in New Amsterdam (today's New York City) in 1654 of a small group of Jews from Recife, Brazil. Fleeing persecution and seeking refuge, this first boatload was the vanguard of millions of Jews to follow. The story of Jews in America is a unique and noteworthy chapter in Jewish history. It is a grand, gritty, and complex narrative well worth recalling, and the 350th anniversary provides the perfect context for doing so.

For 350 years Jews have been an integral part of American history. For more than 160 years, from early territorial times to now, Jews in Washington have been part of the American Jewish experience.


Celebrate 350, Jewish Life in America 1654-2004 is an exhibit of 15 large commemorative posters celebrating the American Jewish experience that will be on display on the main level of the Odegaard Library, University of Washington. Each of the beautiful posters focuses on a different theme, everything from American Judaism to Sports. Each poster features a series of illustrations and information that expand on one theme, usually with a brief chronology. This exhibit is sponsored by the Washington State Jewish Historical Society: http://www.wsjhs.org/events.htm.

For further information regarding 350 years of Jewish life in America, visit www.celebrate350.org.