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Art works of Farah Negahdar

Art works of Farah Negahdar

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MS. Farah Negahdar, a mother of three grownup children was born in Iran in 1943. She graduated from National University of Tehran with a master degree in teaching English as a second language. In 1984 during the Iran-Iraq war she left Iran with her immediate family and moved to Austria pursuing better life and later in 1989 she immigrated to the United State. In 1994 her husband paralyzed because of spinal injury after a bad accident and that affected her life severely. Facing all the new challenges with a lot of struggle for taking care of her disabled spouse created stress with negative thoughts and many sleepless nights. In order to free herself from all the negative emotions she started to create greeting cards with dry flowers that helped her to shift her mood to a much happier state and discovering her hidden talent brought more hope and positivity to her life.

Farah Negahdar combined her natural talent and love of flowers to create these exquisite and unique art works, which are hand made from dry flowers that reflect genuine colors and beauty of nature.

Farah Negahdar lives in Bellevue, Washington.

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