Open Space Seattle 2100

Odegaard Undergraduate Library and Commons
lobby and third floor display areas

What is Open Space Seattle 2100?

The Open Space Seattle 2100 features the work of advanced students in the Department of Landscape Architecture at the University of Washington in collaboration with over 300 citizens of Seattle. Together, project teams explored open space opportunities in 19 watersheds in the City of Seattle engaging innovative, inclusive, ecological design solutions.

Work was on display at the Seattle City Hall and is now hosted by Odegaard Library at the University of Washington June1 through July 31, 2006. It will also be available, along with many other resources, on the web at If you are interested in getting involved and or supporting Open Space Seattle 2100, please contact:

Nancy Rottle and Brice Maryman, co-directors


Department of Landscape Architecture

348 Gould Hall, Box 355734

Seattle WA 98195

Open Space Seattle 2100 is a coalition of urban leadership that is sponsoring a public discourse and planning process to engage citizens in collaborative visioning of Seattle's future open space network. The vision reaches from the city limits to the downtown core, creating a comprehensive network of parks, civic spaces, streets, trails, shorelines, and urban forests that will bind neighborhoods to one another, create ecological conduits from the city's ridgelines to its shorelines, and ensure a wealth of green spaces for all citizens to enjoy.

Exhibit runs: June 1 - July 31