Reflection and Unity

Odegaard Undergraduate Library and Commons
second floor east display area

Paintings by Guita Monfaredi glint and glitter across the second floor of OUGL where they are displayed outside room 220. Her artist's statement describes this work as follows.

"Free CDs kept arriving in the mail and I felt the desire to do something fun with them. I love their shiny surface, like mirrors reflecting back everything in front them. When you turn them at different angles, they reflect the colors and hues of the rainbow."

"In my paintings I often use symbols, such as the mirror. In Persian poetry and Sufism the mirror symbolizes truth, self-realization, and wisdom. The reflection in a mirror is the manifest and temporal world, and man's knowledge of himself. These mirror-like CDs and Persian calligraphy reflect my own journey in search of inner unity. These expressions of unity also bring the viewer in to the painting."

This exhibit will be displayed March 1 to June 30, 2002. Please visit Evocation of Persia Prints to see other works by Ms. Monfaredi.

Guita Monfaredi ia a member of the Odegaard staff.