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CinqFemmes Old Stories (continued) UW Photographers Group Exhibit

Odegaard Undergraduate Library
first and third floor display areas


In spring 2008 Deborah Conger Hughes invited four other photographers to join her in creating a show titled "Old Stories". There followed a lengthy and rich collaborative process, culminating in an exhibit in the HUB Gallery, on the UW campus, in October, 2008. Some new pieces have been added for this presentation in OUGL, thus old stories continue to evolve and new stories become old.

This group, the CinqFemmes, with roots in traditional film photography, worked over their images digitally and made large inkjet prints, conveying varied concepts of story.

CinqFemmes is a sub-group of the UW Photographers Group. They are: Anita Bingaman, Kari Berger, Patti Doll, Deborah Conger Hughes, and Elsa Raibon.

Old Stories (continued) comprises two pieces in the OUGL entryway, the series along the north wall where the work is intermixed, and on the whole 3rd floor wall.

Contact the artists directly (emails on the title cards) if interested in more information about the work.

UW Photographers Group meets on Tuesdays in the Health Sciences Building. New people are always welcome.

For details see: http://depts.washington.edu/uwpgroup

View selected images from the photo exhibit Old Stories (continued).

Car Wash

Photo by Kari Berger

Photo by Patti Doll

Photo by Anita Bingaman

UW Photographers Group

UW Photographers Group (UWPG) came together four and a half years ago in a conference room in Gowen Hall, starting with four people passionate about photography. The group has jelled into a composite of almost 150 people, about 25 -30 of whom are consistently active in the group.

Founded by two graduates and employees of the University of Washington, Deborah Conger Hughes and Kari Berger envisaged creating a collegial environment where photographers can meet, share work and ideas, and create work for exhibition. UWPG members tend to be well traveled. Their passion has produced some extremely good and varied work.

Most members work or study on campus in a wide variety of academic and non-academic fields, and produce photographs in a dazzling variety of subject matter and style. Many have shown extensively and been published, others have not. Photographers at any level are equally welcomed.

The group meets casually there may be speakers, presentations, workshops, critiques, always debate, and planning for the next exhibition. There are no dues or officers.

Old House

Photo by Deborah Conger Hughes