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About The Bibliographies

The guidelines below were used when compiling the bibliographies by all states participating in the project. Federal publications were excluded because the National Agricultural Library is responsible for their preservation. Notes on the organization of the bibliographies are also included below.

Included in the bibliographies:

  • Publications issued between 1820 and 1945
  • Land-Grant publications
  • State government documents, particularly of major departments
  • Trade, popular, and scientific journals published in or about the state

Excluded from the bibliographies:

  • Federal publications
  • Reprints, articles or individual numbers from serials
  • Manuscripts and archival materials
  • Colonial tracts, charters or other pre-1820 publications
  • Almanacs
  • Publications below the county level
  • Maps and gazetteers
  • Newspapers (except those that are agricultural, fisheries or forestry in focus)

Notes on the Organization of the Bibliographies

Combines, 1938

This bibliography was primarily produced by searching and downloading records from OCLC WorldCat, the combined cooperative online catalog that provides holdings for many United States academic and public libraries. We supplemented the list primarily by examining print bibliographies.

If a title was relevant to more than one of the subject bibliographies it was listed on the agriculture bibliography.

If two or more authors were listed and one was for an organization (e.g. Washington State Dept. of Agriculture) and one was a personal name (e.g. John Smith), the title was usually under the organization or corporate author. Also, entries for an institution may be under more than one name for that institution as it changed over time.

We attempted to enter all relevant titles under one entry, the earliest title. For example, we entered books under the title of the first edition and mentioned later editions when possible.

We also attempted to enter all related serial titles under one entry. For example, the serial Washington Farmer (1914-1971) was listed under its earliest title Ranch (1895-1914).

Some Pacific Northwest and Pacific Coast titles were included. Our primary goal was to identify and preserve relevant Washington State titles but fish, forests, and agricultural regions often ignore state boundaries and so do their publications. For example, the Oregon Hop Growers Association’s Oregon Hop Grower, “A magazine devoted to the interests of the hop industry of the Pacific Coast,” later becomes the Pacific Hop Grower, published in part by the Yakima Valley Hop Growers Association.

Additional information on the scope and organization of the bibliographies are included in Scope Notes and Further Information (pdf).


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†Image Number: 10229b. From the Hutchinson Studio Photographs Collection, WSU.